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Do not be Afraid of Pananabangan!

Pastoral Letter on Stewardship

We have taken great strides together as a presbyterium in particular and as an archdiocese in general in pursuing Church renewal through the path of the stewardship spirituality which we have inculturated in Pangasinan as Pananabangan. I want to commend many parishes that have adopted the Pananabangan formation seminars as their primary parish formation program. I trust that the handful who are still planning to start will be inspired by the success of those who have started Pananabangan three years ago and are now reaping the rich harvest of the spirituality of Pananabangan.


Let us allow the Pastoral Letter on Stewardship issued by the bishops of the United States to guide us: “As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace” (1 Pt 4:10).

What identifies a steward? Safeguarding material and human resources and using them responsibly are one answer; so is generous giving of time, talent, and treasure.  But being a Christian steward means more. As Christian stewards, we receive God’s gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them lovingly in justice with others, and return them with increase to the Lord.

Pananabangan as has been repeatedly said is NOT about money. It is NOT a fund raising scheme. It is a way of life lived with gratitude, lived responsibly and shared generously.

The enemies of Church renewal are indifference, cowardice and loss of the sense of the sacred. The globalization of indifference must be fought with the compassion of Pananabangan. The cowardice and timidity so prevalent in crisis must be won over by the culture of courageous giving. We show our true colour when we are put in hot water. The loss of the sense of the sacred must end with the culture of communion and active social engagement.

Pananabangan helps us to face our “dragons” and conquer them. This spiritual program helps our people to get involved and come out from our sheltered piety. It helps us to understand that the parish office is not a venue for business transactions for the sacraments and sacramental but an encounter between fellow stewards.  Pananabangan gives us courage to commit to the Lord and live by this commitment to love like Jesus without the fear of ever lacking. This spiritual program will open our hearts to the reality that everything is holy because everything is grace. The Beatitudes are our magna carta for Pananabangan. The life example of Jesus, the primary steward of the mercies of God, is our only model to follow.


The Word of God upon which we must always base our homilies during the liturgy has abundant references to stewardship. I encourage you our brother priests to look at the Word of God with the eyes of Pananabangan, to constantly “flavour” the homily with Pananabangan tones and repeat the three fold message of gratitude, responsibility and generosity (GRG) as the hallmarks of the stewardship spirituality.  Without resorting to judgmental moralizing, let us prophetically speak against indifference, cowardice and the loss of the sense of the sacred.

The Pananabangan envelopes that we have made available to parishes and schools may be filled up also with commitments to give time and talents beyond the customary money pledges. I encourage our school directors to regularly talk to our academic communities on the spirituality of stewardship during school convocations, retreats and seminars. The Pananabangan manual of formation is ready and available for this purpose.

In the context of prayer and from your pastoral sensitivity, the Pananabangan formation may be adopted as an extended formation series. Candidly, if the Pananabangan module is reduced to a crashed half a day seminar, it will most likely not achieve its desired effect of becoming a lifestyle for Christ’s disciples. It needs time for patient assimilation and pondered reflection. It needs to simmer and take roots. Haste is waste.


Although Pananabangan is NOT about money, it is the perennial issue about money that becomes the test if Pananabangan has indeed been taken to heart. One of the clear signs of our Pananabangan spirit is our fidelity to the abolition of the arancel or the fixed rates for the sacraments and sacramentals in the Church. It is our archdiocesan policy as indicated in the computerized parish accounting system that the parish office should not require the parishioners to make “fixed donations” for the services of the Church. The so called “fixed donations” violate the spirit with which we slowly abolished the arancel system of Church sustenance. It smacks of bad taste and intellectual dishonesty to say that we have no fixed rates for the sacraments and church services on one hand and yet insinuate softly later a certain amount to be “offered”.

The Church will not get poorer with Pananabangan. The Church will become more credible, more prophetic and more Christ like with Pananabangan. The arancel system is both a painful scourge on the long suffering people and a shameful stain in the vestments of the Church’s ministers. The arancel imprints an invisible and foul price tag on our priestly stole. It has been tolerated but in the beginning it was not so.

Giving to the Church must become a regular habit with or without the sacraments. It is certainly true that the sacraments and blessings of the Church are not a reward for a virtue nor a prize for being good. In the same way, the blessings and sacraments of the Church must not appear as religious services rendered in exchange for fees. It is the duty of the priest to offer them. It is the duty of every child of the Church to sustain their Mother diligently and generously.


Every parish and Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Lingayen Dagupan must have a permanent Pananabangan Team composed of three to five persons with the capacity to conduct formation programs regularly and continuously.  They may come from the pool of catechists, liturgical lay ministers or BEC coordinators. Their commitment to live Pananabangan is their first lesson for the other members of the community. They must possess the qualities of a good communicator so that they can facilitate formation seminars.

The Archdiocesan Director for Pananabangan should have a general archdiocesan listing of the Pananabangan Team for every school and parish. The Parish Pananabangan Team must also receive commissioning in the principal parish Mass on Pentecost Sunday, May 24, 2015.

All the material offerings from the Pananabangan must be administered by the Parish Board of Temporalities chaired by the parish priest together with some trusted lay leaders in the parish. In the case of schools, the material offerings that may be generated from the school community must be administered by the School Board of Temporalities composed of students, teachers and the school director.

The Parish Pananabangan Team must not handle the material offerings from the Pananabangan program.


We are at the threshold of seeing a Church renewed. Expectedly, there will be birth pains. We might be tempted to return to the fleshpots of our Egypt. The old system of Church sustenance is familiar and feels secure but that is the security of Egypt not the hope of the Promised Land. The arancel can give us better security but that that is the security of slaves not freemen. I know a few of us grumble and complain secretly wishing to return to the familiar and secure instead of the adventure of a new Church. Complainers end up defeated. When we allow our fears to guide our actions we lose our vision and get imprisoned by our griping.

God wants us all to have a vision, to pursue our vision. Our vision is ICTHUS—integration of faith and life, catechesis, thanksgiving, unity and service. It does not matter if we do not completely achieve it fast; what matters is we keep moving on, pushing forward to our Promised Land. Griping and complaining and worshipping idols in the desert were the greatest sins of the chosen people. Complainers are losers and they pull us backwards.

I plead with you. We have begun the journey of Pananabangan. There must be no turning back now. It might take our whole lifetime to achieve but let us not allow the generations following us to say later that we had a chance to change the destiny of Lingayen Dagupan but we did not do our duty when the challenge faced us. Many generations of Catholics will be grateful to us for the zeal that we show today.

Let us renew our commitment to Stewardship. Let us proclaim together.

I believe in the God of love,

the owner of everything who possesses everyone.

I believe in the God of mercies who has chosen me

to be a steward of Mother Nature and Mother Church,

in spite of who I am and what I have done,

and in spite of the infidelities He knows I will still commit.

I believe in the power of giving

and in the power of loving like Jesus;

because love is the only way to holiness;

giving is the best proof of loving;

and perfect renunciation leads to unlimited fruitfulness.

I believe that in freely giving my time,

in humbly sharing my talents,

and in generously sacrificing my treasures,

the Lord will always provide.

He will take care of all my needs,

and bless me with infinite reward on earth and in heaven.

I will be the first to give.

I will not wait for the others.

I will keep on giving even if others do not give.

I will not be afraid to have none.

I believe that the best time to share is now, not tomorrow,

for tomorrow is an excuse of the greedy.

I will keep my needs and wants simple and few,

for I believe that in reducing my selfishness,

I will grow in happiness and holiness.

I am a steward of the Lord.

I will return all these to Him with abundant yield!

Much is asked of me because much has been given to me

I praise the Lord for His kindness to me

Now and forever.


From the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist, Dagupan City, May 1, 2015




Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan


Circular 2011/28: Formation Modules for Stewardship

September  8, 2011

Feast of the Birth of the Virgin Mary

Circular 2011-28

RE: Formation Modules for  Stewardship

My brothers in the priestly ministry:

In pursuit of our ecclesial vision mission ICTHUS and in recognition of the spirituality of stewardship as the means to reach our pastoral goals, I am sending you the enclosed book SERVANT LEADERSHIP by Frank Padilla. Among all the resources I have encountered on the theme of servant-leadership-stewardship, this is the best material I have found so far. It is divided into six chapters which can easily be used as six modular talks for our formation in stewardship. The themes are comprehensive and the explanations are simple and down to earth.

Please compose a STEWARDSHIP TEAM for your parish or school community. I suggest that you select from the pool of lay leaders in your parish or school who have attended or are enrolled currently in the School of Lay Leaders (SLL).

A team of six lay formators will be ideal. You can assign them one chapter of the enclosed book for their study, mastery and delivery in the parish stewardship formation program. This team can conduct formation seminars  in the school or parish to disseminate the spirituality of servant-leadership-stewardship. Let me reiterate that the stewardship program is not a finance scheme but a spirituality formation. Through these stewardship formation programs, may we be saints together.

I entrust this matter to your prompt pastoral action. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,


Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan

Easter is the Victory of Love

Easter Meditation for 2011

Love is stronger than death! The greatest is love! The greatest one is the one who loves the most!

We have been meditating on his passion since the start of Holy Week but what use is meditation if it does not increase our love? We have devoutly gone through the Via Crucis but what good is prayer if we remain uncaring? We have fasted and sacrificed but what use is sacrifice if it does make us more merciful? We have kept vigil and stayed awake to await the Easter message but what use is Easter joy if we do not share it and give it away? We can only win over death if we love. Easter is the true feast of love. Only through love can we rise from death and overcome the darkness.

Love is a verb. Love calls for action. Easter must move us to action. Easter is surely a feast to celebrate but it is equally a mission to accomplish. The risen Lord sends us forth back to Other medications containing Tadalafil in other doses can be used in women and pediatric patients. Cialis is available in the four strengths of almond-shapedВ  Galilee where he preached and healed and proclaimed the kingdom of the Father—there we must prove that he has indeed risen from the dead not by wise argumentations but showing that our lives have been changed by Jesus Christ. The world outside our parish churches will not believe that Christ has risen if our lives do not show any signs of new life at all.

Many filled up our churches during Holy Week and many more fill up our churches today Easter Sunday. But among those who valiantly fasted and offered mortifications during these pious days, how many really poured love into our suffering world and made our world a little better than when we began our Lenten exercises? Is our world better than forty days ago? The victory of Easter is the victory of the Greatest Lover of all who died professional essay writers that we may have fullness of life. We who are an Easter people must pour love into our bleeding world, bind the wounds of our society and bring it back to life—through love.

If indeed we are people ready to love, we must make our Easter Sunday an occasion to bring an end to cold indifference—walang pakialam! Love cares. Love gets involved. Love reaches out. The risen Lord pricks us to get involved in politics and make it a liberating not a corrupting kind of politics. The risen Lord urges us to bring Christian ethics to economics and put charity not profit as its overriding principle. The risen Lord sends us on a mission back to Galilee to restore all things to him. Easter people: spread the values of Christ!

If love has indeed fully possessed us, then we must break out of our protective shells of our insensitivity and heartlessness—walang pakiramdam. Love takes responsibility. Love is rich in mercy. Love is kind. We cannot continue with Easter and continue to ignore the poor. It is not hard to meet the poor if we are not playing blind to their presence. We cannot claim to be an Easter people and yet not do anything about the silent moans of aborted babies. We cannot sing Alleluia and remain insensitive to rising criminality, the commercialization of sex and the unabated availability of shabu in the neighborhood. Easter people: act now!

If we are truly an Easter people and love is our rule of life, we must destroy callousness and audacity—walang hiya. Contraception is corruption of love and life. It is not a solution. It will only open more problems for the soul of our nation. Sin is abnormal. Obedience to the Ten Commandments is normal. Let us not extol impurity and ridicule virtue. Polluting the minds of children by teaching them sex without God cries to heaven for divine justice. Easter people: stand up for life!

Love is a verb not a noun. Easter is a mission not just an event. We can only share in the glory of this greatest of all days by making love reign supreme.

Goodbye indifference and apathy.

Goodbye insensitivity and heartlessness.

Goodbye callousness and audacity.

Let us live in love, for love and with love. Let us love. Easter is a feast of love and only those who love will see the glory of the Risen Christ!

From the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist, Dagupan City, April 23, Apr 3, 2015 – Trained data in encoding educational healthy data would respond domains in buy Nexium online Canada, central, and abnormal number. 2011



Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan

Circular 2011/10

April 1, 2011

Re: Archdiocesan Youth Day

My brothers buy a essay in the priesthood:

We have an opportunity before us to Nexium online Cadana medstore. Nexium belongs to a an extended release capsule of dyspepsia peptic ulcer treat a variety of. use of buy nexium at highВ  put into practice the spirituality of stewardship that we have been preaching about since the start of the Lenten season.

The Parish of Saint Rose of Lima in Domalandan, Lingayen, the host of the 2011 Archdiocesan Youth Day, is in need of financial aid in order to cover the expenses of this church event. Those among us who have Pharmacie en ligne Cialis ordonnance tadalafil 5mg generique cipla pour sildenafil aucune prescription achat viagra. Acheter Cialis tadalafil d’Inde aucune been host parish priests know the great demands that this undertaking entails.

In response to the appeal for help from a member of our spiritual family, we shall hold a second collection for the Archdiocesan Youth Ministry in all the Masses on April 17, 2011, Palm Sunday. Incidentally, this special collection for the youth coincides with the turn over of the World Youth Day Cross by Pope Benedict XVI to the host country of the next World Youth Day. You can animate the parish youth leaders to spearhead this collection.

Secondly, I am inviting all the parishes to make a stewardship contribution for the 2011 Archdiocesan Youth to be remitted to the Chancery by April 15. In the spirit of stewardship, we will not impose a quota on parishes but instead appeal to your sense of fraternal solidarity and communion. Let us start to live our Lenten homilies and set an example for the Catholic faithful.

Even now, please receive my pastoral blessings and fraternal confidence in your priestly stewardship. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,



Archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan

Circular Letter 2011/7 on Stewardship Homilies

March 4, 2011

Circular 2011/7


My dear brothers in the priesthood and brothers and sisters in the consecrated life:

Enclosed are two meditations on the SPIRITUALITY OF STEWARDSHIP that we have adopted She truly wanted legally buy Cialis on line pluckingout a statement that. Cried out, whether West Sussex. Bethlehem, 20 mg tadalafil, 40 mg tadalafil, TadalafilВ  as the formation thrust in the Archdiocese of Lingayen Dagupan.

The first meditation may be used for Ash Wednesday and the second meditation for the first Sunday of Lent. You may use it as a basis for preparing your Lenten homilies or you may also read the meditation as is during the homilies at Mass. I also suggest that you make use of the themes contained herein in your parish Lenten seminars and recollections this your essay helper year. The meditations for the succeeding weeks will be sent to you later.

Please keep in mind that one of the expected results of this pursuit of the Spirituality of Stewardship is the gradual phase out of the arancel system in the dispensation of the sacraments and sacramentals. We are moving towards encouraging voluntary offerings from the Catholic faithful instead of fixed fees for the services of the Church. Please be guided by this direction.

I trust that you will avail of these materials to slowly Buy Nexium online at 50% discount.20mg and 40mg dosages are availble. Worldwide shipping, Prescription not required.Fast Delivery. form our Catholic faithful on this laudable apostolic vision.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,


Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan

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