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Easter Message of Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz, DD

” I have risen. I am with you once more. ” Antiphon

My dear brothers and sisters, my dear young people:

It is not a secret that our dear country has been long besieged by numerous and serious socio-moral errancies — primarily caused by a good number of our corrupt and corrupting politicians form the national to the local levels. The pitiful and shameful, profound and pervasive results of such copounded moral malady are the proverty and hunger of people, the division and exasperation of the Filipinos — with Cialis vs levitra В· viagra alternative В· where can i get viagra В· Cialis 20mg professional В· viagra for women for sale В· cost of Cialis daily dose В· buy discount viagra some sucides here and there.

Add hereto the extensice operations of drug lords and Jueteng lords, the well organized criminal syndicates robbing banks, kidnapping individuals, doing extrajudicial killings and summary executions. This is not even to mention the proliferation of prostitution, the violation of women and children, and the killing of infants… and nothing here is even said about the trampling upon human dignity best on-line essay writing services and thecrushing of human rights.

Thus it is that the country is full os bitter discontent on the part of many sectors of society. That is why there are deep, armed and wherefore deadly conflicts among the people not only in Mindanao but also in Luzon and the Visayas. There is even those thousands of Filipinos leaving the coutnry every day of the year — to the extent of exposing lives and leaving their families behind.

With all these social maledictions and moral damnations facing suf om the instance we wake up to the time we go to sleep, it is both assuring and inspiring to think, to remember and tolive the absolute and standing truth that no les than the Lord Jeus Christ Himself clearly and empathically said: “I have risen. I am with you again.” Not alone! We are not! Christ is with us. Who can afford to be against us? Who?

The mighty and the influential? The crooks and the corrupt? The goons and the bandits? All that Order Lithium Carbonate online overnight delivery no prescription. Lithium Carbonate for sale. Get Lithium Carbonate. Lithium Carbonate mg. generic Lithium is needed to get rid of these malevolent characters is eventually some soil, a tombstone plus bad words from their victims. Since time immemorial; all of them. Yes, all of them end this way!

As truth prevails, Christ reigns. Wherea Christ is with us, alone we are not. Therefore, there is much reason for us to say to one another: “Happy Easter!”

God bless you all — especially your dear children!

Very sincerly yours in the Good Lord,

(Sgd). +OSCAR V. CRUZ, DD              Archbishop              Easter Sunday 2009  
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