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Intervention Delivered by Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas at the Synod of Bishops: HUMILITY, HOLINESS AND CHARITY

Dagupan City – 13 October 2012. Below is the intervention delivered by Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas at the Synod of Bishops being held now in Rome since October 8 until October 28. Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas is one of the four Filipino bishops representing the Philippines in the Synod. The other Filipino bishops are Archbishops Luis Antonio Tagle, Jose Palma and Romulo Valles. Miss Joy Candelario and Father Renato de Guzman, SDB are also attending as observers.


in the New Evangelization

by Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas

Lingayen Dagupan, Philippines

Comments on Instrumentum Laboris 37-38

Before we begin our common apostolic action for new evangelization, it will be advisable to first examine our ecclesial and personal consciences and ask “Why is there a strong wave of secularization, a storm of antipathy Nexium 400 mg, Ordering Nexium online, buy esomeprazole online, Cheap Nexium for sale, Purchase Nexium online, Order. Esomeprazole, Cheap Nexium or plain cold indifference towards the Church in some parts of the world necessitating a new wave of evangelization programs?”

The new evangelization calls for new humility. The gospel cannot thrive in pride. When pride seeps into the heart of the Church, the gospel proclamation is harmed. The task of new evangelization must begin with a All the essay deep sense of awe and reverence for humanity and her culture. We must remove our sandals for the land on which we stand is holy ground before we came. We cannot resort to the power of the sword to convince the nations that the Gospel has power. “My kingdom is not of this world,” the Lord said. Humility is truth. Humility is seeing ourselves the way God sees us. Humility is solidarity with the rest of wounded humanity. The Church is holy because of Christ. The Church is a community of sinners because of us. Simplicity of lives and humility of heart are indispensable tools for evangelization. Evangelization has been hurt and continues to be impeded by the arrogance of its messengers. The hierarchy must shun arrogance, hypocrisy and bigotry. We must punish the errant among us instead of covering up our own mistakes. We are humans among our human flock. All our beauty and holiness we owe to God. This humility will make us more credible new evangelizers.

Secondly, the new evangelization must be done by new saints and we must be those saints. The great poverty of the world now is the poverty of saints. Whether we come from the first world or third world countries, everybody is looking for models to inspire and emulate. Our youth need models to inspire them. They need living heroes to ignite their hearts and excite them to know Jesus and love Him more. And we are so poor in this regard. Evangelization is not about something we do but something we are. Evangelization is not about projects and programs and plans but allowing God to work in our lives. Letting God be. Contrary to the popular dictum that we cannot preach to empty stomachs, Mar 24, 2011 – Cheap High-Quality Pills Here! Cheap levitra without prescription viagra deals viagra canada generic best price and High quality. Cialis usa. our experience in the Third World tells me that the gospel can be preached to empty stomachs but only if the stomach of the preacher is as empty as his parishioners.

Lastly the new evangelization must be a call for new charity. We will be credible bringers of Gospel joy if the proclamation is accompanied by its twin messenger of charity. The proclaiming lips must be accompanied by outreaching hands for service. We must multiply Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and Saint Vincent de Paul. We must stay focused that, as we give bread and build houses, as we bring healing for the sick and liberation for the afflicted, all these we do in the light of the Kingdom of God. The best gift that the Church offers is not food or houses or legal aid. Our gift to the poor is Jesus, only the love of Jesus, always the love of Jesus. Our bread will turn stale and our medicines will expire but the mark of the love of Jesus is the charity that we must always long to share. The charity of Jesus is the gift of Himself. The charity of the new evangelization must be the gift of Jesus.

The new evangelization needs a new humility; a renewal in holiness and a new face charity for it to be credible and fruitful.


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