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Christmas Message of Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas: A Different Kind of Christmas


Light has pierced the deep darkness! Mercy has conquered sin!

Hope has burst the bubble of depression and we are new again!

The sign of hope is a young mother carrying a lovely Child,

The light of the splendour of God is all over our grieving land!


Lavish parties have lost meaning replaced by a surge of charity

Images from the nightmare typhoon are etched in our memory,

The living are grieving, looking for loved ones they cannot find,


We ask in our heart of hearts: Has God abandoned our lovely land? Aug 18, 2015


His name is Emmanuel God with us, living among His people,

His presence among us is our hope, His life of love our example,

Houses and lives may be lost; dreams and visions may crush,

We know we will rise again because the Child of Mary is with us!


The first Christmas was not a feast, it was born from sacrifice,

Mary and Joseph were by themselves in the stillness of the night,


The first Christmas was only love, the greatest story ever told,

The Father’s only begotten is with us, beyond silver above all gold.


The Christmas lantern is not by the window, but in every loving soul,

Orphaned children sing Christmas lullabies we see the mystery unfold,

The Christmas tree has no gifts because the gift Himself is God,

It is a different kind of Christmas, the real Christmas wished by God.


From Dagupan City, December 25, 2013


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