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Circular Letters, Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas: 2012

2012/1: Our Personal Life of Piety

2012/2: Opening of the Jubilee Year

2012/4: School of Lay Leaders (Catholic Apologetics)

2012/5: On the Sacrament of Baptism

2012/6: Recollection for Lay Liturgical Ministers

2012/7: Archdiocesan Jubilee of Fathers

2012/13: Readings on the Age of First Communion

2012/14: Annual Clergy Retreat

2012/16: Liturgy of the Neo Catechumenal Way

2012/17: Proper Disposal of Sacred Objects

2012/19: Forty Hours of Peace

2012/20: Promoting Priestly Vocations

2012/21: Memorial Acclamation

2012/22: Using the Nicene Creed

2012/23: Jubilee of 2013 and 2021

2012/29: ICTHUS Pastoral Fund Appeal

2012/30: Jubilee of Religious Life

2012/31: Rituals in Commemorating the Faithful Departed


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