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On ALD Priests’ Retirement Foundation


As an act of both equity and charity to Priests who have dedicated the best years of their lives to ecciesial service, Church Magisterium enjoins that as a sign of gratitude for their priestly labors and affirmation of their personal dedication, proper and decent financial support should be extended to them through a common fund specifically gathered and applied for this purpose according to need, during their retirement age, the more so when they become sick or disabled, until the Good Lord ultimately calls them to His Kingdom, in the spirit of the first Christian faithful in the pristine Church of Jerusalem where “they held everything in common” (Acts 4:32) and “distribution was made to each according to need” (Acts 4:35,). 

1. Second Vatican Ecumenical Council

“In countries where social security has not yet been adequately organized for the benefit of the Clergy, Episcopal Conferences are to make provisions for the setting up of diocesan organizations, the purpose of which is that under the supervision of the Hierarchy, satisfactory provision should be made for the proper support of Priests who suffer from sickness or old age… Priests should assist this organization when it has been set up, moved by the spirit of solidarity with their brother Priests, sharing their hardships…” (Presbyterorum Ordinis, No. 21). 

2. Code of Canon Law

“Suitable provisions is to be made for such social welfare as Priests may need in infirmity, sickness or old age” (Canon 281 par 1 CIC). 

3. Second Plenary Council of the Philippines

‘When … Priests retire from years of service in the Ministry, the Church should see to it that their respective Dioceses continue to support them through health care and adequate financial support” (FCP-IJ: Acts, no. 561). 


Pursuant to the above basic pronouncements from the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, the Code of Canon Law and the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines. the ALD PRIESTS’ RETIREMENT FOUNDATION (ALDPRF) is hereby established — in auxiliary subvention to the already existent and operative “CI3CP Pension Plan” in the national level, and the “ALD Clergy Emergency Fund” in the local level. 


The ALD-PRF has the following auxiliary finality in favor of the retired Members of the Diocesan Clergy: 

1. To provide them with a continuous financial support upon their actual retirement from all pastoral and/or administrative assignments.

2. To extend to them additional financial help when they become sick or disabled during their retirement.

3. To make the Home for Aged Priests (Villa San Rafael) operational for those desirous of staying therein.

4. To help in defraying their funeral expenses upon their demise.

5. To establish and maintain a common Cemetery for dead Priests. 

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As provided by Canon 113 par. 2 CIC, Canon 115 par 3 CIC and Canon 117 CIC, the ALD PRIESTS’ RETIREMENT FOUNDATIONAL or simply AID-PRF has an ecclesiastical juridical personality in accord with the competence and by authority of the Archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan, Pangasinan. 


1. All the retired Members of the local Clergy are ipso facto by right Beneficiaries of the ALD-PRIESTS’ RETIREMENT FOUNDATION on the following three-fold proviso:

a. THAT they are incardinated to the Archdiocese of LingayenDagupan, Pangasinan.

b. THAT they have rendered at least twenty five years of priestly service in the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan, Pangasinan.

c. THAT they are in good canonical standing in the Church. 

2. All other retired Members of the local Clergy could be by concession Beneficiaries of the ALD PRIESTS’ RETIREMENT FOUNDATION in the event that they fall short of the above three-fold proviso, at the discretion of its Directorate and on condition: 

a. THAT they are in financial need.

b. THAT they request for financial assistance. quick essay writing help

c. THAT there are funds available. 


The sources of the funds of the ALD PRIESTS’ RETIREMENT FOUNDATION are primarily the following:

1. Monthly contributions from the Parishes and Chaplaincies according to established proportionate amounts.

2. Monthly contributions from the Archdiocesan Catholic Schools according to established proportionate amounts.

3. Occasional fund raising campaigns in the Archdiocese.

4. Occasional contributions from the Chancery.

5. Occasional contributions from the Archbishop. 


The ALD PRIESTS’ RETIREMENT FOUNDATION as an ecclesiastical Juridical Person has a management body in terms of a Board of Directors with the following particulars:

1. Composition

a. De officio Chairman: Archbishop

b. Dc officio Treasurer: Archdiocesan Oeconomus

c. Dc officio Secretary: Archdiocesan Chancellor

d. Delegate Members: One Priest from every T4cari ate.

e. RCA Appointed Members. Three lay people at most.

2. Tenure of Office

a. De Officio Constituents: As long as they retain their respective constituting Offices.

b. Delegate Priest Members: At the discretion of their respective Vicariate Clergy.

c. RCA Appointed Lay Members: At the discretion of the Archbishop. 

3. Functions

The over-arching function of the Board of Directors is to administer the affairs and business of the Foundation for the realization of its auxiliary threefold finality as above stated through the following more salient functions: 

    a.     To collect, receive and hold any and all contributions, donations, grants and/or bequests to the Foundation.

    b. To deliberate, decide and execute the particulars regarding monthly contributions and the occasional fund raising drives in the Archdiocese.

    c. To deliberate, decide and execute the particulars regarding the Beneficiaries of and the Benefits from the Foundation.

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    d. To safeguard well and securely invest the funds of the Foundation, and to release any and all benefits to the Priest Beneficiaries concerned.

    e. To render an annual accounting to the Members of the Clergy, to the Benefactors of the Foundation, and to all others concerned.


This Directory may be amended in part or as a whole with the recommendation of the majority of the General Presbyteral Assembly and/or the unanimous endorsement of the Board of Directors, with the approval of the Archbishop. 


This Directory becomes effective upon its promulgation by the Archbishop and rests operative until and unless otherwise provided by the competent Church Authority.


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