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Circular Letter 5, Series 2009 (Information)

TO: The Parish Priests and Pastoral Team Moderator, Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan

RE: Social Action Apostolate, Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan

Greetings of LOVE and PEACE in CHRIST!

After some understandable delay, the Jurisdiction is now effectively ready to assume the honest to goodness Social Action Apostolate as much demanded by the signs of the times — under Cialis viagra sildenafil online pharmacy professional for sale cheap brand no prescription discount order 50mg pill 100mg tablets best prices. Save your moneyВ  the leadership of our Archdiocesan Apostolate Director and his full-time Assistant. For your immediate reference and pursuant action, pleace have herewith attached CIRCULAR LETTER NO. 24, SERIES 2007 — with the following observations:

  • The Parish Coordinator of the Social Action Apostolate is also the de officio Chairman/Chairperson of Parish Social Action Apostolate.
  • The Parish Priest/Team Moderator, by reason of his over-all responsibility, remains as Director of the Parish Social Action Apostolate.
  • The Form for the constituents of the Parish Social Action Apostolate Secretariat herewith attached should be filled up and sumitted to the Archdiocesan Director at your earliest convenience.

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17 February 2009

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