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Construction Project

Tarpaulin 2

Generous and loving God

Your blessings are beyond measure

And your love is constant and pure.

Bless our vision of a theology seminary

For the Church in Lingayen Dagupan,

Bless the work we have begun

Bless every priest and seminarian.

I promise to set aside everyday

An amount for the seminary

I will not get tired of giving

Until this vision is fulfilled

I will encourage others to give

I will beg others to pray.

I will not stop dreaming and hoping

That you loving God will make it happen.

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Use me to make it happen.

May we have the new seminary,

When we celebrate our golden!



Pikakasi para Theology Seminary

(Construction Project)

O Dios a mabonlok tan maaro

ag-nasukat iray bendision Yo

mansiansia tan masuri so panangaro Yo.

Bendisionan Yo iyan pilalek mi ya sakey a seminario na theology

para say Simbaan na Lingayen-Dagupan.

Bendisionan Yo so kimey ya ingapo mi.

Bendisionan Yo so balang sakey a pari tan seminarista.

Isipan ko ya mangipireg ak ed inagew-agew

a kantidad para say seminario.

Ag ak nakesawan ya mangiter

anggad sayan pilalek mi so nagamuran.

Tanguyoren ko ray arum ya mangiter.

Mikasi ak ed arum ya mandasal ira.

Ag ak ontonda ya man-pilalek tan man-ilalo

ya Sikayo O Dios ko so manumpal ed saya.

Usar Yo ak pian nasumpal iya.

Oy la komon ta sayan seminario so nasumpal la

no sikami so masilibra na kuma-limamplon taon na arkidiosis mi.


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