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Olupan na Laiko – Arkidiosis na Lingayen-Dagupan (ONLA-ALD)

April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Circular Letter 2011/11

RE: Archdiocesan Council of the Laity

My dear brothers in the priesthood:

In steady pursuit of our pastoral goals laid down in ICTHUS, we are now ready to constitute our Archdiocesan Council of the Laity so that we can unify our church lay organizations, apostolates, ministries and communities into a corporate body and hopefully consolidate all our lay pastoral initiatives and plans towards a common thrust.

The Archdiocesan Council of the Laity will be called OLUPAN NA LAIKO – ARKIDIOSIS NA LINGAYEN-DAGUPAN. It will be referred to by its acronym ONLA-ALD.

The ad hoc team is composed of four representatives from the four vicariates of the archdiocese. They are Marcelo L. Vistro, Susan C. Aoanan, Silvana M. de Vera and Janice Roma Hebron.

We shall have the first orientation and organizational meeting of the ONLA-ALD on May 28, 2011, Saturday, from 8:00 am until 12:00 noon at the Lay Formation Center in Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan City. Each parish must send five representatives who are respectively the parish coordinators for worship, education, service, temporalities and youth. Please select your five parish representatives carefully in order to insure the sustainability of this council. In addition to these parish representatives, we shall also invite the heads of the most active lay organizations of the archdiocese to this meeting. A survey will be conducted to determine which organizations will be represented at the ONLA-ALD.

At the end of the morning meeting, we hope to be able to select the core team that will collaborate to pursue the unification of all the lay pastoral initiatives in the archdiocese. The president, the vice-president, the secretary and treasurer will be appointed by the Archbishop after consulting the vicars forane. God willing, we shall have the blessing of the officials of ONLA-ALD by Pentecost Sunday, June 12, 2011 and henceforth hold regular meetings for the ONLA-ALD in the spirit of lay empowerment.

In order to equip this pastoral initiative with spiritual support, you are kindly requested to have the enclosed PRAYER FOR THE LAITY prayed in our Masses during the whole month of May 2011.

I humbly request you to select your parish representatives well and pray for the success of this pastoral project. Thank you for your constant support.

Sincerely yours,



Archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan



God almighty, through Jesus Christ you have brought us to the knowledge of your truth, and united us in faith and baptism

Bless the lay associations and movements, apostolates and ministries in the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan.

Taking up the challenge of stewardship, may the pastors and their flock unite together in pursuit of integration of faith and life, in the work of catechesis and evangelization, in the spirit of thanksgiving, in the mission of unity and diversity and in the promotion of service, charity and justice.

God of unity, grant that all families in every parish may be gathered together to form one Church through the guidance and example of Mary, Mother of our people, Our Lady of Manaoag and Saint John the Evangelist our holy patron, now and forever. Amen.



Dios a makapanyari, diad panamegley nen Jesucristo, impaamta Yod sikami so kakabatan na say katwaan Yo, tan inpankasakey Yo kami ed pananisia tan diad binyag.

Bendisionan Yo ray olupan tan saray kimey tan panaglingkur ed Simbaan na saray laiko na Arkidiosis na Lingayen-Dagupan.

Diad say pangako na say tawag na Panag-asikaso, saray papari tan saray olup da so mantitipon komon diad say tawag na pankakasakey na Pananisia tan Kabibilay, diad kimey na katekismo tan panangibawag na Ibanghilo, diad ispirito na pisasalamat, diad misyon na pankakasakey ed kapegleyan na pandudumaan, tan diad say pangipalapag na panaglinkur, panangaro tan katonongan.

Dios na Pankakasakey, komon amin a pamilya ed tonggal parokya so natogyop ya manbokel a saksakey a Simbaan unong ed say panangampaya tan oliran nen Maria, Ina na saray totoo mi, Birhen na Manaoag tan di San Juan Evangelista, say masanton patron mi natan tan diad ando lan ando. Amen.

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