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Stewards of Light and Life

Meditation for the Fourth Sunday of Lent

April 3, 2011

Sight is a gift. We owe our sight from God. God gave us our sight freely ad without pay. We do not pay God for the gift of seeing a beautiful sunset or an awesome rainbow. There is no service charge for the joy of seeing the face of your loved one or even seeing His presence under the appearance of Bread. All that our eyes can see is a gift. All our sight is a gift. Ultimately, we do not only see with our eyes. The real sense for seeing is faith. Faith, like sight, is a great gift from God.

Christianity is a gift. Buy Generic Cialis 40 mg pills Online Uk Discount Prices How To Get Cialis 2.5 Buy Tadalafil 40 mg In London Pharmacy Uk Discounts Canadian PharmacyВ  This gift made us children of God and brothers and sisters of one another. God knew that as His children, we would be unfaithful later on. God knew from the moment He chose us that we would have repeated occasions of treachery and infidelity and repeat over and over the vicious cycle of sin. In spite of that, he still chose us. Why? Not as man sees does God see, we heard from the First Book of Samuel.

Because of faith and baptism, we have become children of the light, says Saint Paul, and we must live as children of the light. The light that we have received must not only illumine us. The light of Jesus must also transform us so we ourselves may become lights for others alongside the light of Jesus for the world.

We are stewards of light. The light of faith is not ours to keep. We must share the light of faith so that through us many more may see the light of Christ. The world needs teachers of the faith—teachers of light. All of us have lights within in. We must talk about the story of Jesus in the bible and the story of Jesus in our lives. What is the Gospel according to you? Not just according to John, Mark, Matthew or Luke? writing essay service How has Jesus touched you? Share your faith. You are not your faith’s owner. You are stewards of the faith.

Jesus is the center of catechesis. The catechized, catechizing person is he or she who has encountered Buy Generic Nexium at at discount, Buy cheap generic Nexium online , Order Nexium online from the best online Canadian pharmacy withВ  Christ, now knows him, loves him and loves him through others. This is our faith. Catechesis is the lamp and Jesus is the light–he light of faith. He draws all to him. Talk about Jesus! Be the echo of Jesus!

For whom must catechesis and faith stewardship be directed? The Lord showed a very special fondness for the children and for the poor. Therefore, the children and the poor must have a very special place in all our parish programs and apostolates. We must become a reaching out church, not just a status quo church that simply maintains the present state of affairs. We dream of a church that does not just move with the world but rather a church that moves the world, shaking up the world so that all things may be restored in Christ.

The stewards of the faith must necessarily be stewards of the children and the poor. Indeed the children are our ticket to the kingdom of God and the poor are the true treasures of the Church.

If we do not share our light and faith we would be doomed. If we play blind to the cry of the poor and play deaf to the pleading of the children for Jesus, we would be judged as useless stewards.

From the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist, Dagupan City, April 3, 2011


Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan

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