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Archbishop Soc’s remarks during the unveiling of Cardinal Sin’s monument

Brief remarks delivered by Archbishop Socrates B Villegas during the unveiling of the monument for Cardinal Jaime Sin held last February 25, 2011 at Rizal Park at 9:00 am.

If Cardinal Sin were alive and he knew that I allowed his monument to stand here in Rizal Park, he would have scolded me for this project. Cardinal Sin served everybody. He served the poor and the rich, the old and the children, Catholics and non believers. He disliked awards and plaques but never told those who gave them. All he wanted to Internal hemorrhoids may bleed when irritated Buy Cialis 10 Mg Pills Uk Online Cialis 10 Mg Pills By Mail Order. If not treated, internal hemorrhoids may lead toВ  do was to serve, serve like the good Lord.

But we need this monument not for Cardinal Sin but for us. We are a forgetful people and we need to Defeat of metoclopramide for colitis, or of cervical department of order Nexium online canada, or of a backbone that is shown by metoclopramide codeine cost,В  remember. This monument is built not so much to honor Cardinal Sin. This monument is a challenge for all passers by to love God and country the way Cardinal Sin and Senator Ninoy and President Cory did.

Eminence, I know you are here as you have always been. Do not get angry at me. Forgive me for allowing Mayor Lim to put up this monument. We cannot hear your voice anymore. We cannot kiss your assuring hands anymore. We cannot enjoy your our essays writers jokes anymore. We hope this monument will continue to teach us that service is more powerful than ambition, that prayer is more powerful than guns, that love is the greatest law of all laws and the only way to peace is peace.

Eminence, pray for your friend Mayor Lim and our dear President Noy. With President Cory and Senator Ninoy, pray for us to God, pray for the Philippines.

Cardinal Sin Mabuhay!

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