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Stewardship Homily March 16, 2014 Second Sunday of Lent

We are all afraid to die. We are also afraid to see our loved ones die. There is uncertainty in dying. There is pain in dying. Death is a mystery. We fear death because we fear the unknown.

When God told Abraham to leave his familiar land, he was surely asked to make a decision to “die”. He was being asked to leave country, father’s house and kinship and go to an unknown land. It was a call to “die”. How did Abraham overcome the fear of the unknown? ABRAHAM BELIEVED the promise of the Lord “YOU WILL BE A BLESSING.” With faith in the promise, Abraham went forth and faced the “death” of leaving his own land.

The apostles knew that the passion and death of Jesus was near and clear. They had fears. They were considering avoiding it. They wanted to flee. “Death would be the end of all they had planted and preached”, it seemed to them. Death was confusing and disturbing. The transfiguration was made to happen in order to CORRECT the apostles’ view of the inevitable passion and death of Jesus. JESUS WAS SHOWN TO THEM IN HIS GLORY so that when the cross loomed in the horizon, they would know that death cannot end everything. THE CROSS LEADS TO GLORY.

If Abraham did not trust, the blessing promised would have been restricted to him and his little possessions. Because Abraham trusted, his blessing became as numerous as the stars and as infinite as the sands in the sea.

In the case of the apostles, the Apostle John who saw the glory of Jesus bravely reached Calvary without fear or doubt. He had seen the glory of Tabor and he knew that there was a glory waiting for them after Calvary. The experience of Tabor carried him beyond Calvary.

Stewardship is NOT about money. It is about FAITH. The faithful steward is not afraid of dying because he knows that dying is the sure path to glory.

When the steward is invited to give, the call given to Abraham is echoed again. The steward is asked like Abraham to leave his attachments, to share his blessings, to share his talents, to share his time, to share himself. If the steward clings to himself for fear of the unknown, he restricts the blessings to himself and his little treasures. Stewardship multiplies blessings. Stewardship turns a single blessing into a hundredfold harvest.

Bravery is the hallmark of a good steward. Only the brave can give and share. The selfish is a sister of the unhappy. The coward is a brother of the stingy.

Look at the brave faith of Abraham. Look at the brave faith of Saint John. They were promised; they gave everything; the promise is fulfilled!

Their blessings are numerous as the stars. Will you just protect your treasures?

What you clutch, you lose. What you give up, you gain. You want to be great? GIVE UP AND GIVE WITHOUT FEAR!


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