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Archive for February 18, 2014

SJECP Celebrates Healing Mass

“Minanabang tayo ed irap nen kristo.” (We gain in the sufferings of Christ)

This was emphasized by Msgr. Rafael Magno, Jr., Parish Priest of the St. John the Evangelist Cathedral Parish (SJECP) Dagupan City and Vicar General and Chancellor of the Archdiocese, when he presided a healing mass at the same cathedral on February 8.

In his homily, Msgr. Magno, Jr. also read an excerpt of St. Peter’s letter to the Colossians: “Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and fill up on my part that which is lacking of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh, for his body’s sake.” He further underscored that “when we suffer, we are one with the sufferings of Christ.”

He also said that the healing mass is not only applicable to those who are sick but to everybody who is experiencing difficulties, problems and sorrows and that “our crosses and sacrifices have a redemptive value.”

The Anointing of the Sick followed after the communion.

The Anointing of the Sick, “traditionally referred to as Extreme Unction or Last Rites, was previously most commonly administered to the dying, for the remission of sins and the provision of spiritual strength and health. In modern times, however, its use has been expanded to all who are gravely ill or are about to undergo a serious operation, and the Church stresses a secondary effect of the sacrament: to help a person recover his health.” (

Aside from the Anointing of the Sick, the Sacrament of Reconciliation was also done as there were priests who administer confession.

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