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Christian Christmas: 2012 Christmas Message of Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas

155427_10151289831492416_893882789_nChristmas is a feast of faith. Without faith, Christmas will only be a social festival. Christmas is a Gift wrapped in love to be received in faith. Without faith, Christmas gift giving is only a commercial gimmickry for profit and business gain. The merriment of Christmas must be a fruit of faith. Wishing “Merry Christmas!” without faith is no better than fools laughing madly without reason. Christmas can only be merry because heaven burst forth in love and revealed to us the name of God—Emmanuel, God with us!

Unfortunately, Christmas has been claimed by everybody as a long weekend holiday of joy without remembering Him who brought us that reason for joy.

Unfortunately, Christmas has become a season for festive lighting and amazing carnivals but people have forgotten how difficult it must have been for Mary and Joseph to find a room in the inn; the unfortunate couple continues to be rejected in our broken homes.

Unfortunately, Christmas has become a season for bargain sales and street markets even as the buyers and sellers seem to forget their immortal souls.

Unfortunately, Christmas has only become an adjective to describe parties and salary bonuses because we have forgotten that Christmas is an event of the past that must still continue to happen through us.

Unfortunately, Christmas carols have become romantic songs for loved ones we miss because people have forgotten the angels that announced his birth, the sweetest carolers of all times.

Unfortunately, Christmas caroling has become a yearly fund raising occasion because people have put a price tag into almost everything…and everyone.

Unfortunately, the simbang gabi is turning out to be just a Filipino Christmas tradition without understanding that it was first meant to be a thanksgiving novena for the gift of our Catholic faith that we now ridicule and ignore and consider obsolete.

But thanks be to God, that in spite  of it all, Christmas is still the greatest feast of all because it celebrates the birth of Jesus, the greatest gift of all. We must regain the real merriment of Christmas and return to the real reason for the season. By faith all these will be possible. Without faith, this season will become just one of the pagan festivals. Christmas is God’s gift to us. Let us take it back from those who have spoiled it; ourselves included.

Emmanuel, God with us, increase our faith. Set our faith on fire again. Help us to live our faith with courage against all odds. Use us to spread the fire of faith all over our land. Lord, increase our faith! Emmanuel, strengthen our faith!

From the Cathedral of  Saint John the Evangelist, December 24, 2012


Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan

Ma-Kristianon Pasko

Free Pangasinan translation of the Christmas Message of Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas

Say Christmas so fiesta na pananisia. No anggapo so pananisia, say Christmas so sakey labat ya fiestan social. Say Christmas so Regalo ya abalkot na panangaro ya awaten ed pananisia. No anggapo so pananisia, say panangiter na regalo no Christmas so sakey labat ya commercial gimmickry pian makatubo tan para pangkamaungan na anapan labat. Say pangibano’y “Merry Christmas” ya anggapoy pananisia et aliling toy elek na saray ambagel ya anggapoy rason. Maliket so Christmas lapud say tawen so angibong na panangaro tan inpuyan tod sikatayo so ngaran na Dios — Emmanuel, say Dios so walad sikatayo!

Makapaermen ya say Christmas so nagmaliw lan andokey ya maliket a bakasyon ya anggapoy pakanudnunotan ed say Dios ya angiter na rason ed sayan liket.

Makapaermen ya say Christmas so nagmaliw lan rason pian walay makaligliwan silew tan dakerakel iran carnival, balet alingwanan la na totoo no panon so inpanirap di Maria tan Jose ya mananap na kuarton pondoan da; sikara so itultuloy ya bebenegan natan diad saray kaabongan ya mankokolkol.

Makapaermen ya say Christmas so nagmaliw lan rason ya walay tawalan ed saray sasaliwen tan diad tindaan, ya anggad sikatayo ran managsaliw tan lumalako et nalilingwanan tayo la so maandon bilay na kakamarerwa tayo.

Makapaermen ya say Christmas so nagmaliw lan sakey labat ya salitan say kabaliksan to et parties tan bonus lapud alingwanan tayo la ya say Christmas et sakey ya agawa nen saman ya nepeg ya mansiansia anggad natan diad panamegley tayo.

Makapaermen ya saray kansion ed Christmas nagmaliw la ira labat ya romantic songs para saray inararod bilay ya pakaka-iliwan tayo lapud alingwanan tayo la iramay angel ya angibawag na inkianak na Katawan, a sikara so sankaabigan ya manag-caroling ed amin ya ando.

Makapaermen ya say panag-caroling no Christmas so nagmaliw lan tinaon-taon ya fund raising lapud initdan tayo na kantidad so amin tan anggan siopa.

Makapaermen ya say Simbang Gabi so magmamaliw ya sakey labat ya tradisyon na Filipino no Christmas ya anggapoy pakatalus ed say kabaliksan to, ya saya et novenan pisasalamat para say regalo na pananisia tayon Catoliko ya natan babalawen, ipipiregpireg tan bibirbiren ya anggapoy kakanaan.

Balet, misalamat tayo ed Dios, anggaman onya iraya natan, say Christmas ni so sankabalgan ya fiesta ed amin lapud sisilibraan to so inkianak nen Jesus, say sankamatalongaring ya regalo ed amin. Ipawil tayo so liket tan gayaga na Christmas tan ipawil tayo so twan rason ed sarayan panaon. Diad pananisia, nagawa irayan amin. No anggapo so pananisia, sayan panaon so magmaliw labat a fiesta na saray pagano. Say Christmas so regalo na Dios ed sikatayo. Ipawil tayo ed sikatayon dili ed saramay nanderal ed saya … kaiba tayo ed saya.

Emmanuel, say Dios so walad sikatayo. Panliuben tayo so pananisia tayo lamet. Mantulongan tayon ibilay so pananisia tayo ya walay sebeg anggan anto so onsumlang. Usar yo kami ya mangikayat na apoy na pananisia diad intiron bansa tayo. Katawan, pabaleg moy pananisia mi!

Diad Cathedral na San Juan Evangelista, 24 December 2012.


Arsobispo na Lingayen-Dagupan

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