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Thousands Attend Christ the King 2012 Celebration

By Franklin Q. de Guzman. November 26, 2012 (San Carlos City, Pangasinan) – Thousands of faithful from the different parishes and religious sectors of the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan (ALD) flocked yesterday to this city as one community of believers to hail VIVA CRISTO REY! An estimated crowd of 10,000 people coming from all walks of life from 15 towns and 2 cities of central Pangasinan attended the Holy Eucharist held at the Central School of San Carlos City, Pangasinan as the culminating activity of this year’s Archdiocesan Christ the King Celebration.It was presided over by Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas, DD. Before the mass, a solemn procession around the city was held which was also participated by the faithful. The said celebration with the theme “Galang tan Dayew ed Kriston Ari ed Ando lan Ando” was hosted by the Parish of St. Dominic De Guzman, which also celebrates this year its 425th Jubilee as a parish, the first parish established by the Dominican Missionaries in Pangasinan in 1587. It was also a celebration ending the month-long Jubilee of Government and Business.

Imitation, Conversion, Listening

During the Solemn Eucharistic Celebration, Archbishop Villegas reminded the faithful of the true meaning of celebrating Christ the King. He did this by making three important points: First, he emphasized that imitation is more important than worship. He said that the true goal of the gathering which gives praise and worship to Christ is that it will lead us to be like Him. Second, he pointed out that there will be no true celebration without conversion first. “Before we sing Alleluia, we must say I confess first,” he said. Lastly, listening comes before proclaiming. At this point, he urged everyone to appreciate silence and to give more time to listen to the voice of God amidst the varied forms of noise that we have in the world today. “The language of God is silence,” he said.

Christ the King Youth Camp 2012

A day before the celebration of Christ the King, more than a thousand of young people from the different parishes of ALD arrived at Central I and II of the said city for the 2-day Christ the King Youth Camp 2012 with the same aforementioned theme. During the afternoon of the first day, the delegates Get esomeprazole generic online mastercard buy esomeprazole cheap uk how to buy esomeprazole buy in the uk how to order esomeprazole online no rx. hosted the last day of the Novena for Christ the King at the St. Dominic Church which culminated with a holy mass presided over by Rev. Fr. Manuel Delos Santos Jr., the Archdiocesan Youth Director. In his homily, he urged the youth present to let Christ penetrate their hearts and be missionaries like San Pedro Calungsod, the newly canonized Filipino saint who was also a youth.

The first night was filled with praise and thanksgiving as the delegates underwent a Catechesis centered on the importance of praying and the Eucharist given by Rev. Fr. Alwin Bobis from Pasay City. They also encountered Christ through the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. The night ended with a cultural presentation showcased by the different youth of the five Information on the price of levitra in the us, buy cheap levitra – Drug store, worldwide shipping! buying viagra online in canada В· buy Cialis for daily use online . vicariates and the host parish.

During the second day, the delegates had Community approved an essay Service activity and the program ended with a closing and awarding ceremonies. Afterwards, the delegates joined the procession and Eucharistic Celebration.

SANGKAN III: One Faith, One Family

22 November 2012, 8 am., Narciso Ramos Sports Complex. The Mary Help of Christians Seminary in Binmaley, Pangasinan hosted the Sangkan III (Isang Angkan Kay Kristo for 3rd year high school seminarians). With their seminary formators, seminary staff and parents, seminarians from 15 seminaries all over Luzon gathered at the gym of the Narciso Ramos Sports Complex for the Opening Eucharistic Celebration presided by Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas, DD of the host Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan.

With priest-formators from the different disorders, but it is reversed when cGMP gabapentin impotence levels order viagra online in the doctors buy levitra prescribe Viagra, levitra , Cialis for ED. ErectileВ  seminaries and some priests of the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan concelebrating, the Archbishop assured the delegates “that we are blessed with your coming. Your coming here is the coming of Jesus for us. And your coming here will always be remembered as reason for giving thanks.”

He then advised the seminarians that as they play, eat and pray together during the two days of fellowship, they should not forget some basic things: 1. Remember there is God. He is the reason for their coming here. That they were there as seminarians, boys, young men called by God. “So in your behavior, in your way of speaking, in your way of acting, in everything that you do, you must show that God is in this fellowship…in your midst…with us.” Then he told them that they were not gods. 2. Remember you have a soul. “Make sure, as you play the games…make sure that you do not forget that your soul is more important than your athletic body. Make sure that your soul is given more value than winning the medal of a championship. Because the Lord Himself says ‘what will it profit a man if he gained the whole world but suffered the loss of his soul’”. Then he advised them not to cheat, not to lie in order to win, because there was something more important than winning, their souls. 3. Remember there is life everlasting. Fr. Soc told the seminarians that after the games tomorrow, they would all go home. “But that going home tomorrow out of Lingayen should make you remember that one day in our lives, we will all go home, not to our seminaries, not to our families, but to our real home, to our real family, God in heaven.”

He concluded with the admonition: “Win, play, achieve. But please remember, you did not come here to win. You did not come here to bring home all the medals. You came here to be brothers…And when you go home, that brotherhood should be stronger. Because Top Quality Medications. Buy Nexium esomeprazole online . Online Drugstore, Birth Control Online Pharmacy Nexium Propecia. if we become brothers during these two days together…we are called winners to each other.”

After the Opening Mass, the Pangasinan Governor Amado Espino III gave a warm welcome to the delegates. He was then given a Plaque of Citation by the Mary Help of Christians Seminary. Also given recognition were the Vice Governor and the President of the MHCS Parents Advisory Board.

With the theme: essay writing services One Faith, One Family, all the delegates competed against each other in the different sports activities. But at the end of the day, they were one in sharing a formal dinner with a cultural show at the Sison Auditorium also in Lingayen, Pangasinan.

Church-State Tabinan

To celebrate the Jubilee of Government and Business, the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan clergy and the Government Officials of Pangasinan made a commitment to collaborate and cooperate together to work for Peace, Progress and the Pangasinan People’s Common Good. Signing a Manifesto of Commitment called TABINAN, the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan Clergy and the Government Officials and LGUs of Pangasinan gathered at the Sison Auditorium in Lingayen for a formal launching of the TABINAN which was followed by a formal dinner last November 19, 2012.

As the shepherd of the Church in the Archdiocese, Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas, DD. reiterated that there is really an inviolable separation between the Church and the State. “But this separation is not an isolation, because both are serving the same people. Our life in Pangasinan is like a game of chess.” On a chess board, there are chess pieces with different figures. “Everyone has to play his game fully well in a game of chess.” Each piece must perform his role to the best of his ability. “It does not matter whether we are pawns or kings or queens or bishops. What is important is while the game is going on, we should play our game to the best possible. And when the game is over, all the chess pieces are put together in one box. And that is life.” He then promised to be the best bishop of Pangasinan that he could be. Buy levitra vardenafil 10 mg Cialis viagra generic prescription cheapest online. Levitra brand online generic 5mg buy without prescription order overnightВ  Then he urged each one, to be the best governor, the best mayor, the best barangay chairman, the best priest, the best in the game of chess. He followed it up with a reminder that “when the game is over, all of us will be placed also inside the box, individually, not together, in the coffin to be laid to our perpetual rest. But while the game is going on, may we always strive to give our very very best.”

The Archbishop ended by thanking the governor for the hands of collaboration, and assuring the governor of his prayers to be the best governor that he could be. He also asked the governor to pray for him to be the best bishop that he could be. He then invited everyone to pray for one another that “we will always be the best that we can be, because Pangasinan and our Church deserve the best.”

For his part, Governor Espino, as the head of the province of Pangasinan, thanked “Fr. Soc for paving the way for this Tabinan: Church-Local Government Units Partnership in the province of Pangasinan and the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan.” He talked about the misconception that the separation of the Church and the State prevents both from working together. He affirmed Fr. Soc’s position that both work for the common good and protect the welfare of the same people…Each moves separately, but each is directed towards a common direction.” He also mentioned that “the caretakers of the government are also members of the Church, in like manner that you, the pastors of the Church fall under the care of the government.” He also pointed out that the differences between the Church and the State, no matter how serious, can always be resolved through constant dialogue which would not be possible if we stop talking to each other. “But as long as the communication lines are open, and there is a sincere effort to understand each other, we can always find creative ways and means to support each other.”

He then expressed his gratefulness to Fr. Soc who has maintained a healthy dialogue writing unique essays with the government. He also appreciated how Fr. Soc expressed his thoughts and feelings including some that involve very sensitive issues. He admired Fr. Soc’s openness, and expressed his hope to “be inspired by his humility and willingness to take risks for the sake of establishing a lasting and meaningful relationship for all of us.”

He ended by also assuring the good archbishop of his prayers cheap esomeprazole online no rx saturday delivery order esomeprazole cod saturday order esomeprazole cod next day esomeprazole buy esomeprazole xrВ  that he would be the best bishop that he could be, and he also assured all the priests of the archdiocese of their prayers that they be the best priests and pastors of the Church.

Church and State Collaboration and Cooperation

The Jubilee of Government Officials opened at the Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine on 8 November 2012 with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist with Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas as main presider with the priests of the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan concelebrating. After welcoming the public officials headed by Pangasinan Governor Amado T. Espino III, the Archbishop invited the community to ask the Spirit of Peace, the Spirit of Progress in Pangasinan from the hands of Our Lady.

After inviting everyone present to the celebration of the Golden (50th) Jubilee of Lingayen-Dagupan as an Archdiocese on February 16 next year at the St. John’s Cathedral in Dagupan, and after pointing out the one year preparation of the Church for this Purchase Discount Medication! Buy Nexium esomeprazole online . Official Drugstore, Nexium Online Coupon. Golden Jubilee, and that November is Jubilee of Government Officials, the Archbishop said that: “lahat tayo sa harap ng Diyos,… ay magkakapatid, sapagkat tayong lahat ay mga anak ng Diyos.”

Then the Archbishop paid attention to what our constitution, and what the Church law state that “there should be inviolable separation of the Church and the State…Hindi dapat pagsamahin ang gobyerno at simbahan. Hindi puwedeng ilipat ang katedral sa kapitolyo, at hindi puwedeng mag-office si governor sa katedral…Mayroong separation of Church and State.”

But he also stressed that that separation is not absolute, because there is no separation between God and citizens, between God and man. When we separate God and man, it is not only immoral, it is also unconstitutional, because in the constitution we all recognize that all of us have a God. Citing the late Cardinal Sin, the Archbishop said that the Church and the State are like railroad tracks parallel all throughout and not too near, not too far from each other so that professional on-line essay writing service the train could move forward. The train is our country, our nation.

Then Archbishop Villegas mentioned several areas of collaboration and cooperation between the Church and the State: The First is Peace. Everyone is longing for peace. It is the responsibility of the State to promote peace, and it is also the mission of the Church to take care of peace. Stating it in Filipino, he said: There will be no peace if the people are fighting against each other; there will be no peace if God is not there. There will be no peace if we do not treat each other as brothers and sisters, and there will be no peace if we destroy our environment and natural resources. The Second is Progress. As the election campaign progresses, all candidates promise to work for progress. We will not vote for any candidate who does not guarantee progress when he/she is elected. But this progress that the candidates promise to promote, this progress of the people is also the concern of the Church. When people progress, the Church is also happy with the progress. But it is not an absolute progress. It should be a progress with God; it should be a progress walking with God, because the Gospel says: What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but suffers the loss of his soul. “Anong kuwenta ng progress kung nahiwalay tayo sa Diyos; anong kuwenta ng pag-unlad kung nawala ang Diyos sa ating kaunlaran. Progress of the people is the duty of the government, and the Church supports governments in promoting total human progress. The Third is People. It is the people that relate the Church and the State. “’Yung taong nagsisimba, ‘yun din ho ang bumuboto; ;yung taong nagpapa-bless, ‘yun din po ang nagbabayad ng buwis. Ang ibig sabihin po, ang ating pagmamalasakit sa tao ay hindi lamang pagmamalasakit ng gobyerno; ang pagmamalasakit sa tao ay pagmamalasakit ng Diyos para sa atin. Thus, there must be proper distance between the Church and the State so that we can serve the people best. There is what we call in the Church “Common Good”, the good of all, of the many. And this is the duty of both the Church and the State.

He concluded by saying that “before the Lord, we are only brothers and sisters. And in the presence of the Lord, let us promise together, government and Church, munisipyo and Kapitolyo, and the Cathedral and the parishes, let us work together, hand in hand, for peace, let us work together hand in hand for true, Godly progress, let us work together keeping in mind the people always. Because it is only in caring for one another that we can show our love for God. At the Shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag…let us work together to make peace, let us work together to I the smooth buy levitra muscles of penis to one degree ed herbal treatment or another. The Cialis buy online no prescription cGMP levels in the free samples of bring progress, let us work together for the good of our people.”

The opening of the Jubilee of Government Officials concluded with a fraternal agape sponsored by the Shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag.

The POOR, the CHILDREN and the LOST

Post Synod Ruminations

We came together confused yet willing to listen, hurting yet full of hope, feeling abandoned yet reaching out to help. We were a sign of contradiction for the world and for ourselves. We came as evangelizers in need to hear what is good and holy, beautiful and true ourselves. In prayer, we told Jesus our confusions and doubts, our hurts and pains, our sins and betrayals and He spoke to us and gave us hope. We recognized the Lord as he spoke to us in prayer and as he broke the bread. We can say with joy now, “We have seen the Lord”.

Indeed the new evangelization must be the written essays fruit of discernment coming from a Church in contemplation. Without contemplation, any action on behalf of evangelization is but a human exercise. Evangelization is an impetus coming not from intellectual hair splitting analysis or strategic planning but coming from above, from the Spirit who is constantly at work in the Church, the Spirit to whom Jesus consecrated His Church.

The new evangelization is neither a self defence of the Church for its self preservation nor a self protection from irrelevance. It is not for the sake of maintaining the status quo of the Church’s influence in a world that is so different from the world that the Lord Jesus offers to his disciples, a world to which the Church must never belong. It is not a self absorbed and self conscious attempt of the Church to re-invent itself to make it more attractive. In fact, the new evangelization is not for sake of the Church. It is for the life of the world pro vita mundi. It is for God who is at work in the world.

What must we do?

We must look for the poor. The poor are forgotten or ignored and have been made invisible and distant. The poor are not asking for charity. Like sheep without a shepherd, the poor cannot recognize their shepherds anymore because the shepherds smell differently. Indeed the good shepherd must smell like the sheep. The poor are not asking for money. They are asking for Jesus. They can get food from the social welfare agency. They can get medicines Order esomeprazole buy virginia buy esomeprazole online without dr approval cheapest buy esomeprazole how to purchase esomeprazole substitute over theВ  from the public clinics. They can be housed in government housing sites. From the Church, the poor want only Jesus. Who else can they turn to but the Church?

The poor ask for a little more of our time. They ask for presence without making them feel that we are in a rush for better things to do or for more important people to meet. The poor need to be assured that for their pastors, the faces of the poor is more important that the faces of their wristwatch.

The poor ask for friendship. The Church, while serving the hungry and the thirsty and the naked, must not forget that she is not a poverty alleviation agent of society but the conscience of humanity. It is our duty to make society understand that the poor ARE Jesus. It is the duty of our Church to make the poor understand that they are not too poor as to be unable to give Jesus to the affluent. The Church must be the conscience of the poor and the rich so that there may no longer be poor or rich; so that all may be one. Money is the least of all gifts. The first gift that we must give to one another is Jesus himself. At the sunset of our lives, we can only bring to heaven what we have given away. Nothing that has been given to us can be brought to the doors of his Kingdom, not even the graces we have received. Every grace is for sharing, for the building up of his kingdom and every bit of grace hoarded is lost. It is when we have truly emptied ourselves and given up all, that we can say we have loved like Jesus.

Where are the children?

The Church must look for the children and youth. The youth should not be told to wait for tomorrow to become relevant and important. The youth are the majority of the people of the world. Today belongs to them as much as the future. The new evangelization must be ready to give the youth a voice and the Church must lend the youth her ears and her heart. It is indeed only through the heart that we can hear the voice of the youth. Let us not wait for the youth to shout at us. Let us listen as they whisper. Let us listen to what they tweet and what they blog. Let us listen as they ask. We might not be able to answer all their questions and they do not expect us to do that anyway. If we can encourage the youth to talk as we to listen to them as Jesus listens and then teach them how to listen to Jesus, we will have a powerhouse in the Price of levitra professional cheapest vardenafil online generic pills 5mg for sale discount viagra Cialis the buy . Buy levitra without prescription 10mg prices Church not in the future but now. We do not need to be flippant and humorous to be with the youth. We just need to be Jesus for and with them.

Have we really lost the sheep?

The new evangelization must reach out to those who have been alienated from the Church. The hurting and the disillusioned, the misled and the confused, the ignored and the neglected must feel welcome and safe in the Church again. We the pastors must show that we are detached from the perks and privileges of our office; that our ordination is not a career ladder to pursue but a path of real service; that we can suffer without complaint; that we can be ignored and not begrudge; that we can let go generously without reluctance; that we can seek pardon without first offering excuses; that we can differ from those who do not share our opinions without losing civility and courtesy. Those whom the Church calls disillusioned Catholics say to us their pastors “We are not lost sheep”. In fact they say instead to us “YOU are lost shepherds”– that we did not really care for them. The sheep can endure our frailties but they cannot bear our arrogance in the confessional and the pulpit. Let us listen like Jesus did with the Samaritan woman by the well. The alienated are not asking for another desk to attend to them. They do not need an added survey to investigate their plight. They are only asking us their shepherds to return to the sheepfold and show them that we do care for them like shepherds for the sheep.

The new evangelization is not a call for new desks and new commissions. It rather calls for a new attitude of ministry, a new outlook at the world, a new way of being. The new evangelization is a call to conversion and that call is addressed to the evangelizers. If the evangelizers will not, the world will not believe. It is the poor and the children, the least, the last and the lost who will bring us to heaven.

In our homilies, I admonish you my brother shepherds to be extra sensitive to the needs of the children and the youth. The youth do not need hair splitting theological nuances during the homily. They are not expecting quotations from exegetes. They want to know the Gospel according to you, from your prayer. They only need to hear again and again that they are loved by God and loved by the Church. Let us speak the language of the poor when we preach at Mass and when we teach outside the liturgy. Talk about money during the homily is offensive. It does not inspire at all. Using telenovela characters as illustrations during homilies has no place in the sacred liturgy; it demeans it; it is vulgarity. In our homilies, let us be extra attentive to the confused and hurting, disillusioned and angry Catholics. Scolding parishioners during the homily is not good news at all. The Gospel is rich enough to inspire and ignite hearts. Let us use the homily to teach humbly, to inspire constantly and to bring joy to the laden and discouraged. One of the obstacles to new evangelization is the long unprepared Sunday homilies.

We are not afraid of the setting sun. We can walk through the night held securely by the hands of the Lord. The beauty of the moon and the brilliant stars will carry us through into the dawn of another beautiful day, the day of the Lord! Behold, he makes all things new!


Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan

Rome, October 29, 2012

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