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Circular 2012-30: Jubilee of Religious Life

September 26, 2012

Memorial of Saints Cosmas and Damian

Circular 2012-30

Re: Jubilee of Religious Life

My dear brother priests:

In the preparatory year for the golden jubilee of Lingayen Dagupan as a metropolitan archdiocese, the coming month of October has been assigned as the month for the Jubilee of Religious Life. In recognition of the important task that men and women in consecrated life have in the mission of the Church, we have organized and established the Association of Religious Men and Women in the Archdiocese of Lingayen Dagupan or ARMWALD. An Episcopal Vicar for Religious  has likewise been appointed and he is Father Francisco Vargas, CM, parish priest of the Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Parish in David, Mangaldan.

To celebrate more fittingly the Jubilee of Religious Life in the month of October, the ad hoc committee proposes the following themes for the Sunday Masses in October in the entire archdiocese:

October 7, 2012:

LET US PRAISE AND THANK THE LORD FOR THE GENEROSITY OF ALD IN GIVING MEN AND WOMEN TO GOD THROUGH THE CONSECRATED LIFE. We can mention during the Mass some religious men and women who were members of the parish community.

October 14, 2012:

LET US PRAISE AND THANK THE LORD OF THE HARVEST FOR MAKING MEN AND WOMEN OF ALD AVAILABLE TO THE SERVICE OF THE PEOPLE OF GOD IN THE PHILIPPINES AND ALL OVER THE WORLD. Here we can also present some Pangasinense religious men and women who are working in foreign missions.

October 21, 2012:

LET US PRAISE AND THANK THE LORD FOR THE GIFT OF SERVANT LEADERSHIP AMONG THE CONGREGATIONS PRESENT IN AND IN COMMUNION WITH THE LOCAL CHURCH OF ALD FOLLOWING THE SPIRIT OF ICTHUS. We can take this opportunity to inform the Catholic faithful about the new parishes being administered by religious men as well as the other religious women in various apostolates.

October 28, 2012:


I entrust the Jubilee of Religious Life to your pastoral attention and  fraternal prayers.

Sincerely yours,


Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan


September 21, 2012

Feast of Saint Matthew, Apostle

Circular 2012-29


My dear people of God:

The Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan has clearly defined ICTHUS as its vision in the coming years. ICTHUS is the blueprint of our Church’s direction with regard to our pastoral programs.

As we recognize that all these pastoral programs need the blessings of the good Lord to succeed and reach completion, we also humbly acknowledge our need for a modest budget to carry them through. The budget that we shall allocate for our pastoral programs will numerically reveal our real pastoral priorities.

In order to meet the budget requirements of our ICTHUS programs, we shall call for an intensive annual fund appeal for all the pastoral and apostolic programs of the Church in pursuit of our archdiocesan vision to be a community of Christ’s disciples called to Christian witnessing living out the spirit of ICTHUS under the inspiration of Mary, Our Lady of Manaoag.

This annual fund appeal will be called ICTHUS Pastoral Fund Appeal to be held during the whole month of November every year starting this year 2012. This ICTHUS Pastoral Fund will be used for our Caritas Lingayen-Dagupan programs for the poor as well as for the other faith formation programs for the children, youth and adult leaders being provided by the different archdiocesan apostolates, ministries and commissions. The vicariate funds for vicarial projects will also be drawn from this annual fund appeal. This fund will be used exclusively for pastoral programs and not for administration.

All parishes and Catholic schools are enjoined to participate in this annual fund appeal as a sign of communion with our archdiocesan vision. The parishes and schools with the highest collections will be duly recognized during the archdiocesan feast of Saint John the Evangelist on December 27. The ICTHUS Pastoral Fund may be done by conducting second collections during all the Masses in November or by disseminating ICTHUS envelopes issued by the Chancery.


1. The ICTHUS Pastoral Fund Appeal shall be held annually during the whole month of November.

2. All parishes and Catholic Schools are to participate in the appeal.

a. For the parishes, chaplaincies and pastoral stations:

A second collection shall be undertaken in all the regular Sunday Masses.

b. For the Catholic Schools:

ICTHUS envelopes issued by the Chancery shall be

distributed to the different Catholic Schools. The number

of envelopes to be distributed shall depend upon the

number of students of each school.

3. All collections (from the schools and parishes) shall all be submitted to the Chancery   by the December 15.

4. ICTHUS Pastoral Fund Recognition

The parishes and schools with the highest collections will be duly recognized during the archdiocesan feast of Saint John the Evangelist on December 27

5. ICTHUS Pastoral Fund Allocation:

The whole ICTHUS Pastoral Fund shall be divided between the Vicariates and Archdiocese Pastoral Fund, with 70% going to the Archdiocesan Commissions and Apostolates and 30% to the Vicariate Pastoral Fund.

6. The 30% (Vicariate Fund) shall be distributed equally among the five (5) vicariates. The Vicariate Pastoral Fund shall be established in the vicariates, with the Vicar Forane and the Vicariate Treasurer taking the responsibility for it. The Vicariate Pastoral Fund shall be used exclusively for vicarial pastoral programs and not for administration or socialization.

7. The remaining 70% shall be distributed to the different Archdiocesan Commissions and Apostolates depending upon their programs and projects contained in their proposed budget for the year.The different commissions and apostolates are the following:

a. Caritas Lingayen-Dagupan (MISA)

b. Biblical Apostolate (BA)

c. Family and Life Apostolate (FLA)

d. Catechetical Apostolate

e. Commission on the Youth

f. Commission on the Liturgy

g. Social Communications Ministry

h. Commission on the Clergy

8. The different Archdiocesan commissions and apostolates, as well as the Vicariates shall make a report to the Archbishop through the Finance Office with regard to the ICTHUS Fund they have received and used.

Our mission is spiritual and our goal is the Kingdom of God. While we still live in this valley of tears, we shall depend up to a certain degree on the material support of one another for the furtherance of our spiritual mission.

I invite you to take a good gaze on the ICTHUS Pastoral Fund Appeal and see in it not just a fund raising scheme of the Church but an opportunity for promoting communio and translating into action our ICTHUS vision.

Thank you even now. Let us pray for one another.


Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan

Jubilee of Farmers, Fishermen and Laborers

Something different for common folks, a fluvial procession, a parade, a trade exhibit, a seminar were held in succession last 25 August in Dagupan City to culminate the month long celebration of the Jubilee of Farmers, Fishermen and Laborers. The festive mood was highlighted by Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas celebrating the Holy Eucharist in Pangasinan with a choir composed of the persons with disabilities from AVRC accompanying (see inset photo). The simple but meaningful message of the Archbishop follows.

Mga minamahal kong mga magsasaka, mga mangingisda, mga manggagawa. Ipagpaumanhin po ninyo, Tagalog po talaga ang homiliya, sapagkat unang pagkakataon ko dito, sa buong buhay ko na magmisa ng Pangasinan. At….sana ho..,sana ho…mga magsasaka, mga mangingisda at mga manggagawa sana maliwanag sa inyong pagkaunawa na ako’y naghandang magmisa ng Pangasinan sa unang pagkakataon para sa inyo.

Ano ang dahilan ng ating Jubilee for Farmers, Fishermen and Laborers? Sa February 2013 ay ipagdiriwang natin ang ating Golden Jubilee ng Archdiocese ng Lingayen- Dagupan, at bilang paghahanda, bawat sektor ng simbahan ay nagdiriwang ng maliit na Jubilee bilang paghahanda sa malaking Jubilee sa February 2013. Ano po tayo? Ano po ang dahilan ng ating Jubilee?

Una sa lahat, “PASASALAMAT”. Isipin ninyo kung mayroong mangingisda pero wala ng mga isda, o mayroong magsasaka pero walang matabang lupa, o mayroong manggagawa pero walang trabaho. Ano kaya ang buhay na iyon? Mga minamahal kong mga kapatid na mangingisda, magsasaka at manggagawa, ang ibig kong sabihin, kaya mayroong isda ang tubig, kaya mayroong taba ang lupa, kaya mayroon tayong tagagawa na manggagawa ay dahil sa Diyos. Diyos po lamang ang pwedeng maglagay ng isda sa dagat. Diyos po lamang ang pwedeng magpausbong ng pananim at Diyos lamang ang nagbibigay sa atin ng lakas para gumawa. Sa unang dahilan, salamat sa Diyos mayroon tayong isda, salamat sa Diyos mayroon tayong matabang lupa, salamat sa Diyos mayroon tayong lakas para makagawa.

Pero ang pangalawang dahilan mga minamahal kong kapatid na magsasaka, mangingisda, at manggagawa ay ito: Kahit maraming isda sa dagat kung walang mangingisda, paano na iyon? Kahit napakataba ng ating lupa kung walang magtatanim, paano na iyon? Kahit napakaraming gawain kung lahat ay tinatamad na gumawa, anong kwenta ng gawain? Ibig sabihin, sa hapong ito, hindi lang tayo nagpapasalamat sa Diyos, tayo’y nagpapasalamat sa mga mangagawa, sa mga magsasaka, sa mga mangingisda sapagkat sila ang ginagamit ng Diyos upang ang isda ay makarating sa ating kusina, upang ang mga palay ay makarating sa ating sinaing, upang ang mga gawain ay magkaroon ng lugar.

Pero ang pangatlong dahilan kung bakit tayo ay naririto, ang pagtitipon natin ay hindi lamang pagtitipon ng mga manggagawa, mangingisda at magsasaka. Ito rin po ay pagtitipon ng mga nakikinabang sa inyong gawain. Ang totoo naman ay ganito: may isda ang ilog, ang dagat, may mangingisda, eh paano kung walang bumili? May magsasaka mayroong tumutubo, may itinanim, may inani, eh paano kung ayaw bilhin o ayaw pansinin? Mayroong pera, mayroong plano ang arkitektor, mayroong plano ang  elektrisyan, may pwedeng gumawa, eh paano kung ayaw magpagawa? Ang ibig sabihin nito, mga minamahal kong mga kapatid, ang pangatlong dahilan ng ating pagtitipon ngayong hapon ay pagpapasalamat sa mga tumatangkilik, tumutulong sa mga magsasaka, pagpapasalamat sa mga tumutulong sa mga manggagawa, mangingisda at magsasaka at pasasalamat sa daan na tumutulong sa kanilang gawain dito sa mundo.

Sa hapong ito, nag-aalay tayo ng Misa, sapagkat sa Diyos lamang natin matatagpuan ang  tunay na kahulugan ng gawa ng tao. Sa Misang ito, sasabihin natin sa Panginoon, Salamat po. Sa Misang ito sasabihin natin sa mga magsasaka, mangingisda, manggagawa, Salamat po. Sa Misang ito, sasabihin natin sa mga hindi magsasaka, hindi mangingisda, hindi manggagawa subalit tumatangkilik sa kanilang gawain, Salamat po. Amen.

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