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Archive for February 21, 2012

Circular 2012-7: Archdiocesan Jubilee of Fathers

February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

Circular 2012-7

RE: Archdiocesan Jubilee of Fathers

My dear brothers in the priestly service:

In keeping with the spirit of the preparatory year for the golden jubilee of the Archdiocese of Lingayen Dagupan next February 2013, we shall focus our activities in March this year on the importance of fathers in the mission of Church renewal.

The Archdiocesan Jubilee of Fathers will be on March 26, Monday, the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, at the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist in Dagupan City. The Eucharist will be celebrated at 5:30 pm during which the outstanding fathers will receive their certificates of Apostolic Blessing coming from the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI. May I request you to inform the fathers concerned to be at the said Mass together with the members of their family.

Here is the official list of the fathers who will receive their recognition during the Jubilee of Fathers:

1. Domingo  Caliboso Dulay

2. Fidel Peres Manuel

3. Genaro Estabillo Romero

4. Guido  Gomez  Calicdan

5. Marcelo  Fernandez  Domantay

6. Atty. Jose  Junio  Pacia

7. Rodulfo  Icalina  Ramirez

8. Reynaldo Sagun Acosta

9. Isagani  Libardo  Izuma

10. Federico Lagria  Rosuena

11. Tito Biagtan Sarzaba, Jr.

12. Carlos  Patungan  Besitan, Jr.

13. Rolando Razo Estrada

14. Henry Junio Fernandez, M.D.

15. Florencio  Latonio Gabrillo

16. Alfredo Macaraeg  Erive

17. Eusebio Torio Gonzalo, Sr.

18. Genaro  Bautista  Nagma

19. Clemente Capinding Fernandez

20. Jose Gubatan Soriano

21. Lorenzo  De Vera

22. Gregorio  Tercero  de Guzman, Jr.  M.D.

23. Engr. Santiago  Casuga   Alhambra

24. Hilario  Daquioag  Tumaneng

25. Alfonso  Quidilig  Senin

26. Dalmacio  Montoya  Flores

27. Primitivo Abalos Abalos

28. Canuto Espanol  Abalos

29. Romeo Vito Manuel

30. Paul Shao Teng

31. Orlando Ramos Bartolome

32. Romulo Dominguez Bautista

33. Leoncio Aquino Embuido

34. Richard  Hufiano  Cacal

35. Alejandro  Paras  Balolong

36. Ernesto Ventenilla  Ramos

37. Rolando  Junio  Nacor

38. Salvador Palisoc Palisoc

39. Gregorio  Fabia  Fernandez,  Jr.

40. Romeo Pascua Samson

41. Jose Bauzon Natividad

42. Benjamin Ferrer  Ferrer

43. Rolando Magalong Cayabyab

44. Teofilo Abalos de Guzman

Please announce to the parish or school community the unique honor that is being bestowed upon these fathers in our Christian community. May it inspire more fathers of families to follow the example of Saint Joseph, the custodian of the Holy Family.

Sincerely yours,


Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan

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