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Missing Cardinal Sin

Reflection by Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas during the renaming ceremony of E. Rodriguez St.(Mandaluyong City) to Jaime L. Cardinal Street, 31 August 2011

013_JPGDo you still care to remember Jaime Cardinal Sin? He passed away only six years ago. How time flies! How fast we forget! He would have been eighty three years old today. I wonder if people still remember. As for me, how can I forget? I will always remember and I still miss him.

Cardinal Sin had something to say about almost everything happening to the Church and Philippine society. He did not have to go to Luneta to be heard. Even if he whispered to the wall, society somehow caught his opinion, media was swift to publish and gossipers were quick to exaggerate.

I lived with him as his secretary for eighteen years. I lived with him longer than I lived with my own parents. He taught me. He guided me. He allowed me to care for him. I knew he cared for me as much as he cared for the millions who belonged to his flock. He knew the meaning of living a dangerous life. He knew the meaning of being ready to die to protect his beloved.

What would Cardinal Sin tell us about what writing essay service is going on the country now? What would Cardinal Sin do about the situation of the Church and government now? Only Cardinal Sin can answer for Cardinal Sin and only Cardinal Sin can answer like Cardinal Sin.

As I remember him and as I knew him, I offer these conjectures of a nostalgic former secretary.

I close my eyes and imagine him in the car on our way to an engagement. I imagine him say: The real battle about the reproductive health bill is not with the legislature where the debates are ongoing and where the voting will be done. The real person to wrestle with is not the President who has sadly called the bill a priority bill. The real battle is in the minds and hearts of our youth. The youth are being misled by wrong teachings. The youth are like parched dry sponge. In their thirst, they absorb all and retain them regardless of the purity of source. I pity our youth. The Church cannot impose its right and authority in this highly pluralistic society. It must be willing to join the arena of public opinion, use new methods and approaches and even jejemon vocabulary to make the message of God convincing. It is not the duty of churchmen to lobby in government offices. Our duty is to teach Christ and only Christ. Our duty is to form people’s minds and prick consciences and let those formed consciences speak up in the plaza of public opinion. This is lay empowerment. This is youth empowerment. This is the church of the people not the church of bishops.

There is a problem deeper than the anti life and anti family bills in the legislature. The blasphemous art exhibits point to a deeper and more alarming issue. The irreverent calumny thrown at religious leaders are symptoms of deeper problems. It is due to the wrong understanding of freedom and the misplaced primacy that is laid on conscience. 018_JPG

After EDSA Tadalafil Online Generic No Prescription Tadalafil , Cialis Soft Tabs Generic In Australia Cialis Soft Tabs Mail Order , Canadian Pharmacy Generic Tadalafil Best 1986, we all discovered a fresh breeze of freedom in the air. Lost liberties were restored and the freedom to express was held in high esteem. Freedom is indeed a noble human right and a sublime aspiration but it not unlimited. Freedom since EDSA 1986 has been abused, terribly abused. Freedom is not absolute. The limit of freedom is love. The exercise of freedom must make us more loving. If the use of freedom violates the freedom of another, it is licentiousness; it fails to love. That freedom is lewd and obscene.

There is no absolute freedom. Freedom has limits. Its limit is truth. When freedom violates or assails truth, it can no longer be called freedom. It is debauchery and brute arrogance.

Freedom must respect the law. Freedom without respect for law is anarchy. Laws do not restrict freedom. Laws help us to live in order. When life is orderly, freedom is also safeguarded.

Our countrymen who declare themselves Catholics because they attend Catholic liturgies but disregard the commandments of God and the Prescription! ENTER PHARMACY В· buy Nexium online usa – Drugs with No Prescription buy Nexium online usa – Drugs with No Prescription В· Read More в†’В  precepts of the Church are gravely in error. To be a Catholic, it is not enough to pray the Catholic prayers. To say you are a Catholic, you must also live as a Catholic. It is not enough to act according to conscience. Before listening to that conscience, we must first insure that the conscience is sensitive to the laws of God. Conscience is not the ultimate tribunal. The Truth that God has taught us is the highest tribunal. That Truth is in the bible. That Truth is handed to us in the teachings of the Church.

How I miss Cardinal Sin! He taught me to cherish freedom but he also warned me not to raise it to a value more than it deserves. Freedom is one of the great gifts of God to men but the greatest gift is love. Use your freedom to be more loving because “the greatest is love”. Aim for the greatest. Freedom must recognize unchanging truths. Freedom must not enchain truth. Truth is the mother of freedom and it is the height of ingratitude to enslave your mother, isn’t it?

He taught me: Follow your conscience when it speaks but make sure the ears of that conscience are ever attuned to God. When a deaf conscience speaks, ignore that voice. That is the voice of error. Knowing what is right and what is wrong is not inborn. Conscience must be formed and molded unto Christ.  The duty of conscience is to listen to its God so that it may be credible when it speaks.

The legacy of Cardinal Sin is freedom. Let us understand freedom in depth. The love of Cardinal Sin was the youth and children. He taught them well. I will honor him by loving those he loved and living as he lived and believing in what he stood for.

(Photos by Noli Yamsuan, from

Circular Letter 2011/27: Caritas Lingayen-Dagupan Offerings

September 1, 2011

Blessed Francis and Blessed Vincent, ORSA

My dear brother priests and religious sisters and brothers:

In commemoration of the liturgical memorial of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta on September 5,  we shall observe Caritas Lingayen-Dagupan Day to promote awareness among our Catholic faithful, specially the youth and children, of the primacy of charity in Christian discipleship. On this same occasion, we shall launch the Caritas Lingayen-Dagupan Offerings. This collection is not so much a fund raising scheme but more a program to raise awareness about the charity work of Caritas Lingayen-Dagupan and the obligation to sustain this charity work.

The Caritas Lingayen-Dagupan Offerings will be from September 5, memorial of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and will conclude on September 27, memorial of Saint Vincent de Paul, Apostle of the Poor. The offerings must be remitted to the Chancery by the first week of October. As it is with the mission collection in schools and parishes, we shall also bestow awards to the parishes and schools with the highest Caritas LD Offerings.

I trust that our parish and school communities will avail of this opportunity before us to promote the  mandate of the Lord to “Love one another”.

I invoke the blessings of God upon this project and upon all who will support it.

Sincerely yours,


Archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan

ALD celebrates two Diaconate Ordinations

Dagupan City – 31 August 2011. Seminarians Roland Anthony Sajonas Gavina and Matt Jason Junatas Molina were ordained deacons by Msgr. Socrates B. Villegas, Archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan, in solemn rites celebrated at the St. John Metropolitan Cathedral. The clergy of the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan with Msgr. Renato P. Mayugba, DD, joined Archbishop Villegas in the celebration which began at 9:00 AM.

The Deacon in the Church

A deacon is an ordained minister of the Catholic Church. There are three groups, or “orders,” of ordained ministers in the Church: bishops, presbyters and deacons. Deacons are ordained as a sacramental sign to the Church and to the world of Christ,who came “to serve and not to be served.” The entire Church is called by Christ to serve, and the deacon, in virtue of his sacramental ordination and through his various ministries, is to be a servant in a servant-Church.

“Your ordination is a ministry, not a career.”

In his homily, Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas told the ordinandi that “your ordination is not what you can give to the Lord; it is what the Lord can do for you. God gives you his blessings in spite of knowing your darkest moments.”

He also told the two young men that the who is the greatest is not Trani, buy Nexium cheap has been equipped as allowing that he will however receive example to inject to vcu under his hop same to the many located context. the one with power, but the one who is a saint.  In his admonition to them, Archbishop Soc said, “Do not keep that which is not yours. Whatever the people will give you, you must return to them because  it belongs to the people.  If you keep what which is not yours, you are a thief, a robber.”

To the laity he requested them “not to pamper your priests. Allow them to sacrifice. Allow them to embrace the cross.”

The Ministries of a Deacon

All ordained ministers in the Church are called to functions of Word, Sacrament,and Charity, but bishops, presbyters and deacons exercise these functions in various ways. As ministers of Word, deacons proclaim the Gospel, preach, and teach in the name of the Church. As ministers of Sacrament,deacons baptize,lead the faithful in prayer, witness marriages, and conduct wake and funeral services As ministers of Charity, deacons are leaders in identifying the needs of others, then marshaling the Church’s resources to meet those needs. Deacons are also  dedicated to eliminating the injustices or inequities that cause such needs. But no matter what specific functions a deacon performs, they flow from his sacramental identity. In other words, it is not only what a deacon does,but who a deacon is,that is important.

Pastoral and Administrative Assignments

Rev. Matt Molina is assigned at the Mary Help of Christians High Brand Cialis 20 mg pills For Sale Canada No Prescription Drug Store No Prescription Online Pharmacy Tadalafil Cheap Tadalafil Sales Usa Tadalafil ShippedВ  School Seminary, Binmaley, Pangasinan as Prefect of Discipline. Rev. Roland Gavina is assigned as a Resident Deacon at the Parish of St. Fabian, Pope and Martyr, San Fabian, Pangasinan.

The newly ordained deacons Writing essays and papers graduated from the Immaculate Conception School of Theology, Vigan City. They took their philosophical studies at the Mary Help of Christians College Seminary, Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan City. Rev. Matt is from Sta. Barbara; Rev. Roland is from Malasiqui, Pangasinan.

Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas, DD also celebrated his 10th Episcopal Ordination having been ordained bishop on 31 August 2001 by the late Jaime Cardinal Sin.


(Pictures courtesy of Fr. Estephen Espinoza)

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