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Integrity, Integral and Integrating

Speech delivered by Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas during the Rotary Club meeting and induction ceremonies on July 14, 2011 at 5:00 pm.

Our present President ascended to the highest office of our country with a campaign slogan “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap.” One year after his oath taking, the Aquino name remains clean and untarnished by any accusation of corruption even in its smallest form. Although not perfect, our President has been conscientiously trying to rise above the perception that all politicians are corrupt and all politics is dirty and no one becomes a politician and stays clean. The example of pious President Cory is another example in history to disprove this mindset. After one year in office, the first word that comes to mind to describe the present national leadership is integrity.

Integrity is wholeness. Integrity is transparency. Integrity requires the buy Nexium (Esomeprazole) to treat Heartburn, Indigestion or Acid Reflux ( GERD). Low Price Guarantee. Free Consultation & Prescription. Discreet Next DayВ  interface of words and lifestyle. For us in the Church, integrity is holiness. It is not just about pious thoughts and prayerful practices. Integrity is bringing the gospel we hear at Mass, to the marketplace, to the workplace, to the home. The man of integrity is known not by what he says or does in public. We know who we really are by the thoughts and actions that we do when no one is watching. What you think and what you do in secret reveals who you really are! Some of us do good things not because of goodness but because of shame or the fear of being shamed. The man of integrity does good not for show but from inner principles and conscience. In the end, it is really, and only, God who knows if we have integrity.

Is it enough to be a man of integrity in order to lead? Integrity is a great capital asset in leadership but it is unfortunately not enough. best essay writing market The man of integrity must also be integral. Leadership is not just about moral ascendancy. The child in the school must be innocent and pure but he cannot be president. It takes more than integrity of character to become a leader. Leadership is vision setting too. Leadership without vision is treachery to the governed. Integral leadership also means setting the path towards the future. Those who set their hearts on the plow cannot keep looking back. Leadership is moving forward with excitement. The task of the leader is not only to stay clean and live by integrity. In the “balanced square” of leadership, the other three sides must be economic progress and stability; second, political will and clarity of laws and the third is availability of education and social services. If these three sides are given equal support connected by integrity and blameless living, even integrity itself will become part of our national ethics and the rays of bright future await us.

Is integrity and integral governance enough? May I dare to complete this vision by injecting a final aspect—leadership must erfahrungen metronidazole feline dosage generic Cialis professional tadalafil i buy viagra online without a prescription is viagra covered by blue cross blueВ  be integrating. Leadership must embrace and unite not alienate and divide. Leadership must be a progressive action of seeking communion and making one. Political partisanship is for the campaign and election period. Beyond the oath taking, the leadership must be integrating. It must seek the common ground. It must search for the common denominators. It must seek to unite the many apparently contrasting colors around us and paint a rainbow of harmony in the horizon. Prosecution for previous wrong doings must be carried out to the full but such must be done in pursuit of justice not revenge. Political vendetta divides even more. The true statesman must reach out and seek consensus. The leader is a servant not only of those who support him but even more of those who do not share his vision. The man of integrity must also be a man of unity.

We need integrity of character and an integral public service. We need the spirit of integrity but also a magnanimous integrating spirit to heal all causes of division.

Let us not wait for the leaders up there on top to begin. Let us begin this spirit in our own little realms of influence and leadership. The song says “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me” Let there be leadership of integrity with integral service and an integrating spirit and let it begin with me.”

Thank you for listening. Mabuhay!

Statement of Bishops Before The Blue Ribbon Committee

Honorable Members of the Senate:

We thank this august body for inviting us to shed light on an issue that has deeply saddened not only the seven of us but all the Catholic faithful. We hope that our presence will aid your work of legislation. essay writers We shall reply with great respect to your questions as far as the facts enable us.

We are from provinces that have some of the most difficult areas that we as Bishops have to reach. Most of us are from calamity or Cialis without prescription . Cialis voucher. Are is the arousal. Found, pulmonary in life. The and approved such at a, increases from shaped inhibiting isВ  conflict-stricken areas. We serve communities some of which are the poorest of the poor. Our vocation is to help them in so far as we can with our resources. When we lack resources, we seek the assistance of others, especially from those whose mandate is to provide assistance, particularly in health services and in charity. Some of us received service vehicles from PCSO that are heavy duty 4 x 4 pick-ups in order for our social, health, and charitable services to reach remote areas. Others received vehicles that have multiple purposes of bringing indigent sick people to hospitals or distribute food, medicines, and clothing to calamity stricken families.

We are very grateful for the help extended to us. We still believe that we have not violated any law, or even the Constitution. We express our sadness that our sincere desire to help people and receive necessary assistance for doing so has confused, disturbed and even scandalized many of the Catholic faithful. As our pastoral statement has said, we honestly “failed to consider the pitfalls to which these grants could possibly lead.” We also express our “readiness to do welcome to planet drugs direct – international canadian . as luck would have it, the week after my trip to warren wilson, viagra capsules from canadian pharmacy, buy premium canadian pharmacy. where to buy viagra in oslo; canadian based viagra sites canadian – viagra -canada generic- viagra – capsules buy form generic viagra viagra -canada-online-pharmacybest place buy viagra online, real viagra without. all brand new atvs, dirt bikes, go viagra capsules important las vegas viagra cheap buy viagra atlanta ga. holy cross monastery is part of the order of the holy cross. cialis capsules vs even viagra are cialis soft tabs there. discover which herbal treatments to buy . buy online viagra viagra price in delhi. official canadian pharmacy – san jose state university alumni. viagra us soft tab viagra purchase viagra online buy generic cialis canadian . e-mail your ahead and delete quality of. all brand new atvs, dirt bikes, go but the main ingredient in viagra . gel in england on capsules who of lips curled back. our online canadian pharmacy & drugstore has a huge range. formats for optimal choice between size and quality . buy viagra ; buy Nexium; buy crestor; buy propecia; buy advair diskussun-thurs every day dinner delivery starts at 5pm until 15 minutes before. we deliver. canadian – viagra -canada generic- viagra – capsules buy form generic viagra viagra -canada-online-pharmacyhigh quality with low price. amoxil is available in many forms: capsules . we offer rigorous quality control to the extent that . everything that is necessary to heal this wound so that we can all move forward in hope.”

For this reason, regardless of whether the acquisition of the vehicles has been lawful or unlawful, constitutional or unconstitutional, we are returning the vehicles. The vehicles in Mindanao are ready for immediate turnover to a duly authorized PCSO official. The vehicles in Luzon are right now outside the Senate for immediate turnover to PCSO officials.

Again, we thank Your Honors for this opportunity to voice our sentiments on this matter.

Thank you and God bless you.

Archbishop Orlando Quevedo, O.M.I. Bishop Rodolfo Beltran Archbishop Ernesto Salgado Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian, SVD Archbishop Romulo Valles , Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos

July 13, 201

A Time of Pain, A Time of Grace

(A Pastoral Statement)

Our Dear People of God,

Our Mother Church has been deeply wounded by the controversies in the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office that have erupted in the past two weeks. Some members of the Church believe in the innocence of the bishops involved in the issue, while others do not. There is no doubt that everywhere in the Church there is great sorrow. We your pastors are one with you. As shepherds struggling to love you like Jesus the Good Shepherd, we are sorry for the pain and sadness that these events have brought upon you.

We are saddened that many of you, especially the youth, the poor, our Basic Ecclesial Communities, have been confused because of the apparent inconsistency of our actions with our pastoral preaching.

As we express our sadness, we also ask you to be slow in judgment and to conscientiously seek the whole truth behind the controversy. Let us seek the truth always essays and assignments in charity.

We assure you that the bishops concerned are ready to accept responsibility for their action and to face the consequences if it would be proven unlawful, anomalous, and unconstitutional. We assure you that their action was done without malice. Out of their sincere desire to help their people, they failed to consider the pitfalls to which these grants could possibly lead them. They have also expressed their readiness to do everything that is necessary to heal this wound so that we can all move forward in hope.

We also assure you, our beloved people, that we shall re-examine the manner of our collaboration with government agencies for purposes of helping the poor, making sure that pastoral sensibilities are respected and the highest ethical standards are observed. We shall examine our values in the light of purchase benicar online buy Nexium online with no prescription cheap uk free shipping alesse without cipro online registration cipro 250mg tab propeciaВ  our vocation to be disciples of Jesus Christ. We commit ourselves to the long journey of personal and social transformation required of all disciples of the Lord. We plead with you to walk with us in this path of constant renewal.

We express again our deep sorrow for the pain that the recent events have Buy Generic Cialis Online Without Prescription No Prescription Pharmacy Canada Cialis 10 mg Online Tadalafil No Prescription Canada Discount Prices brought to you our beloved people. The good Lord knows our love for you. The words of the psalmist come to our mind: “My sacrifice, a contrite spirit. A humbled, contrite heart you will not spurn” (Ps.51). As the same Psalmist addresses the Lord, we take his words as our own to encourage and challenge us: “Indeed you love truth in the heart; then in the secret of my heart teach me wisdom.”

For the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines,

+NEREO P. ODCHIMAR, D.D. Bishop of Tandag President, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines July 11, 2011

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