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Archive for April 21, 2011

Parents of Priests

Meditation on Holy Thursday Chrism Mass 2011

Today like all other days, we gather to pray and to give thanks. What makes this day different from other days is that today we remember the roots of our priesthood. We make a pilgrimage to the Upper Room. We bring back the memory of the first Holy Thursday. We remember how he washed the feet of his friends. We remember that he said “Do this in memory of me”.

But think of it again. Did our priesthood really start only on Holy Thursday? Did our priesthood start only at our ordination? Did the journey start only when we entered the seminary?

Before the Upper Room, there was only the Garden of Eden. Before we heard the voice of God to follow him, we had only our parents. In the natural order of things, before we knew the church, we first knew our family. Before we saw the father of the parish, we first knew the father of the home. Indeed the first priest we knew was our father at home—he provided for us, he disciplined us, he cared for us, we kissed his hands and he blessed us. Before we heard that the Church is our holy mother, we first experienced the caress of our mother at home. Before we tasted the Bread of Life, we first tasted the sweet milk from our mother’s breast. In the beginning, there were no priests; there were only parents.

Before God called priests, God first created Adam and Eve. Before God called us to follow him, he first called our parents to love each another until death. Before Jesus called us to carry our crosses daily, we first saw how our parents were mindless about getting sick or how ready they were to die for love of us.

Indeed as we celebrate today the memory of our priesthood, we push farther than the Upper Room on Holy Thursday and remember our roots—the Garden of Eden, the garden of the home; the paradise of the family. We push farther than our ordination day and remember the mother who gave us birth and the father who provided for us. The first church is the family. The first priest is the father at home. The church’s motherhood comes only after our mother’s selfless love.

With the long training and rigid formation that we went through before ordination, how can we refuse the temptation to look down on our less educated parents? How can we prevent our parents from looking up to us to convince us that we have surpassed them in success? It is a temptation. It is an illusion. The greatest in the kingdom of God is not the most educated or the most popular or the most influential but the one who stoops down to serve. The greatest is the servant.

With our capacity to engage in hair splitting arguments in philosophy and theology, can our parents compete with us? Their mouths open in awe as their sons parrot out words too hard to understand. When they get confused listening to us, they call us learned! We must not forget that our mother’s novenas– that we now ridicule as self proclaimed intellectuals– were the prayers that sustained us and continue to nourish us in the ministry. Our fathers can only become lay ministers assisting us but the priest can only be greater than the laity if the priest loves the most. The best seminary is neither in Binmaley nor in Bonuan. The best seminary is the home. The best rector is the father at home.

Our parents teach us until now– and how tenderly they teach us– to be humble. Before gratitude, there is first humility. We cannot thank the Lord for the gift of our priesthood without learning from our simple parents the virtue of humility and purity of heart.

The priest may be a big shot in the Christian community but before his parents, the priest will always be only a son as he is always only a child in the presence of God. Today we remember our roots and we thank God for the gift of our parents. If God promised everlasting reward to the giver of a glass of water to a wearied traveler, can you imagine the reward in heaven for a mother who gives God the fruit of her womb?

As I behold the bishop’s ring on my finger, I cannot but recall the The first synthesis of tadalafil 1 (Cialis) from l-tryptophan is described. The title compound 1 was synthesized via seven steps from l-tryptophan methyl ester. wedding rings of my parents—much simpler and much cheaper, less attractive than mine—and yet in the eyes of the Lord, much more important and holier than the ring I carry. The greatest indeed is love.

As I look at the vestments I wear to celebrate the Mass, I cannot but gaze at the old ordinary dress of my mother and remember that my best vestment is still my baptismal garment. That simple inexpensive white dress my mother gave me as a baby surpasses in value our expensive signature shoes and shirts that we have been accustomed to wear now. Blessed indeed are the poor in spirit.

We feel good and proud that we are able to fill up the pews of the chapels and churches when we offer the Mass and preach. Although our parents cannot fill up church pews as we do, they have filled up our priestly hearts with the love and blessings of God. Your heart is more important than the pews. Our parents know where the real treasure lies.

The church is my home. I fly back to the church my nest to repair my broken wings and heal my wounded soul. But there is no place to heal better Buy Nexium online without prescription now. Pharmacy at Home offers cheap generic drugs. 24h online support, Absolute anonymity & Fast delivery. than the chest of the mother who nursed us as infants. There is no hand more secure than the hands of the father at home who taught us how to stand each time we fell when we were just learning how to walk. How we miss that loving chest and those guiding hands of our parents. Priest of God blessed is the womb that carried you and the breasts that nursed you!

At the fourth station of the Via Crucis, we reflect on the meeting between Jesus and his afflicted mother. When our people hurt us, when the church ignores us, when those we serve attempt to destroy us, when it feels like walking in the valley of darkness, we only long secretly to meet our mother again to cry on her shoulders, to allow her to wipe our bloodied faces and receive new strength to move on to our crucifixion. Stabat Mater dolorosa.

My brother priests, before you became a father in the church, you were first a son for your mother and you will always be her son on earth and in heaven. Before you became a father for the people of God, you first had a father at home and no one can replace him in your life on earth and in heaven. Between now until the Mass this evening, please visit your parents at home or resting in their graves. Thank them. Bless them. Be blessed by their memory. You can only be the good priest that you are now because of your holy parents. Let their memory set your heart again to love your priesthood. buy a paper Preserve your father’s good name. Do not allow anything or anyone to tarnish that name. By that name, God has called you. By that name you will return to God. May Mary, the mother of the Eternal Priest keep all our parents of priests in her loving embrace.

Lovely Lady dressed in blue ——- Teach me how to pray! God was just your little boy, Tell me what to say!

Did you lift Him up, sometimes, Gently on your knee? Did you sing to Him the way Mother does to me?

Did you hold His hand at night? Did you ever try Telling stories of the world? O! And did He cry?

Lovely Lady dressed in blue ——- Teach me how to pray! God was just your little boy, And you know the way.


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