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Message to the People of God by the Clergy of the Archdiocese of Lingayen Dagupan on June 12, 2018

Our dear people of God:

They are killing our flock. They are killing us the shepherds. They are killing our faith. They are cursing our Church. They are killing God again as they did in Calvary.

Killing is the solution. Killing is the language. Killing is the way. Killing is the answer. Killing is encouraged. Killing is their job. Killers are rewarded. Killers boast of their murders.

They kill in the streets. They kill inside homes. They kill in tricycles and jeeps. They kill in plazas. They kill in the malls. They kill in the chapels. The nation is a killing field. They kill everywhere. They are happy to kill. But we are not a nation of killers.

Are you still clapping? Are you still laughing? You still find it funny? You still think “Dapat lang”? Are you still saying “Pagbigyan natin”? Are you still saying our people feel safer now? Are you still saying this is the best government we ever had? Is this the change you want? Are these the changes you dream of? Are you still saying “There are some good things happening! Focus on the good”? If they curse us again for speaking up, we will not be surprised.

Are you afraid to talk? You think silence is a virtue? You think we your shepherds should sow unity by being like the monkeys who see and speak and hear no evil? You think we can be the next target if we speak? Do you still care? Where is your faith? You talk in whispers. You are afraid to be heard? Have we become numb and dumb?

“Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?” said King Henry II about Saint Thomas Becket. Like blind fanatics, the knights of the King went to the Cathedral, searched for the Archbishop, hacked him and split his skull to make the King happy but the king was unnerved instead. The King became penitent and offered penance. The murderers were disgraced.

Today, the murderers are commended and the king is undisturbed.

We your Archbishop, the Bishop Elect of Bayombong and the clergy of the Archdiocese of Lingayen Dagupan, represented by our Vicars Forane, say together:

We are not afraid. We trust in the Lord. We are ready to battle for God’s honor. They want to bury us priests. But they forget that we priests are seeds. When you bury us, we will grow more and flourish. You cannot stop the Gospel from growing. You cannot stop God from being God. You cannot muzzle the voice of Truth.

Killing is a sin. It is all wrong. This is not Filipino. This is not Christian. This is not how our parents taught us. The earth, soiled by the blood of Father Mark Ventura, Father Tito Paez and Father Richmond Nilo, is crying.

The bloodied soil is crying to heaven for justice. God’s justice be upon those who kill the Lord’s anointed ones. There is a special place in hell for killers. There is a worse place for those who kill priests.

We declare a Day of Reparation in the Archdiocese of Lingayen Dagupan on June 18th, the ninth day of the death of Father Richmond Nilo.

  1. All the Masses in the Archdiocese of Lingayen Dagupan will be offered as reparation for the sins of blasphemy against God, the sins of sacrilege and calumny hurled against our priests and bishops; the murders that continue without relent. The Mass presiders are to wear the penitential color of violet. It will be a day of fasting and abstinence for the priests, religious and lay faithful of our Church.
  2. The parish priests should expose the Blessed Sacrament for one hour at a time most convenient for the parishioners to adore and make reparation. The priests must go to confession and in turn, hear the confessions of the faithful on this day too.
  3. All the parish church bells should ring for fifteen minutes at six o’ clock in the evening on June 18th to commemorate the time when Father Richmond Nilo was killed.
  4. The image of the Santo Entierro or the Black Nazarene should be brought out in procession in the evening of June 18th to close the Day of Reparation.
  5. The seminarians of Mary Help Christians Seminaries will lead a dawn penitential pilgrimage on foot from San Jacinto Parish Church at 4:30am to the Basilica of Manaoag. We encourage the youth to join.

We call on you brother priests from the other dioceses and religious congregations to join us if your bishops and religious superiors so agree.

Let us implore the grace of God to touch the heart of the President of the Philippines to stop the verbal persecution of the Catholic Church because such attacks can unwittingly embolden more crimes against priests.

We seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit that our leaders in government may arrest the further erosion of law and order in the country and restore respect for human life and human dignity, keeping in mind that they are “the king’s good servants but God’s first” (Saint Thomas More).

We beg the Lord to wake up our people, now walking in darkness and numbed by fear, to stand up for the Lord and courageously correct error and sin. May we find among our lay people the readiness to work actively for social and political changes grounded in Catholic moral teachings and Christian social ethics.

By the rosaries at EDSA 1986, we cast the dictator from his throne. Courage is contagious. Cowardice stinks. Prayer heals. Penance revives the dead.

If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14).

From the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist, Dagupan City, June 12, 2018

+SOCRATES B. VILLEGAS                                +JOSE ELMER I. MANGALINAO

Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan                      Bishop-Elect of Bayombong


Father Alvin Gerald Platon, Vicar General and Chancellor

Msgr. Oliver Mendoza, Moderator Curiae and Economus

Msgr. Manuel Bravo, Minister for Evangelization, Vicar Forane of Saint Vincent Ferrer

Father Allan Lopez, OP, Episcopal Vicar for Religious

Father Winston Estrada, Vicar Forane of Saints Peter and Paul

Father Hernan Caronongan. Vicar Forane of Epiphany of the Lord

Father Estephen Mark Espinoza, Vicar Forane of Saint Thomas, Minister for Social Action

Father Antonio Ray Quintans, Vicar Forane of Saint Dominic

Father Kristoffer Allan Soriano, Judicial Vicar and Vice Chancellor

Father Eric Galivo, Minister for Worship



Mensahe ed Totoo’y Dios nanlapud saray Papari na Arkidiosis na Lingayen-Dagupan ed Hunyo 12, 2018

Pinabli mi ran Too’y Dios:

Papateyen da ray papastolan mi. Papateyen da kami ran pumapastol. Papateyen day pananisia tayo. Inaayew day Simbaan tayo. Papateyen day Dios lamet a singa inpamatey dad Kalbaryo nen saman.

Panagpatey so solusyon. Panagpatey so lingwahe. Panagpatey so pamaakaran. Panagpatey so ebat. Panagpatey so panilaloan. Panagpatey so kimey da. Walay tumang daray managpatey. Ilalastog na saray managpatey no pigaray  napapatey da.

Mamapatey irad lansangan. Mapapatey irad dalem na abong. Mamapatey irad tricycle tan jeep. Mamapatey irad plaza. Mamapatey irad malls. Mamapatey iran kapilya. Kaomaan na pateyan so bansa tayo. Mamapatey ira anggan iner. Maliket iran mamatey. Balet, aliwa tayon bansan managpatey.

Siansian ta nin manitipak kayo? Manelelek kayo ta ni? Makapalek ta ni raya? Say walad kanunutan yo ta ni et “Nepeg labat?” Siansian ibabaga yo ta nin, “Pagbigyan natin?” Siansia ta nin ibabaga yo mas ligtas so totoo natan? Siansia ta nin ibabaga yon sayan gobierno et sankamaongan? Saya kasi so panagsalat ya labay yo? Sikaraya kasi so kogkogipen yon pamasimbalo? Siansia ta nin ibabaga yon, “Wala ray mararakep ya nagagawa! Nengnengen labat iraya kamaungan”? Agkami la mankelaw no ayewen da kami la lamet lapud sayan pansasalita mi.

Natatakot kayon tan mansalita? Say amta yo ta et kamaungan so mandeen? Say amta yo ta ed sikami ran pumapastol yo et nepeg ya mantanem na pankakasakey a singa aliling mi balet ray bakes ya anggapoy nanenengneng tan ibabaga tan narerengel? Say amta yo sikami la so onsublay no mansalita kami? Wala ni kasi panagtalima yo? Kawalaay pananisia yo? Esaes kayon mansasalita. Akin, antakot kayon walay makarengel ed sikayo? Nagmaliw tayo la kasin emel tan anggapoy pililikna?

Siopa so makapangekal para siak ed sayan mibabalin  pari?” Saya so inmbaga nen King Henry II nipaakar ed si Santo Tomas Becket. A singa bulag iran panatiko, saray sondalo na Ari so linmad Katedral, inanap day Arsobispo, sinigbat tan pinankadwa so lapis-lapis na ulo to pian napaliket day ari ra. Balet, say ari so ataktakot. Nanbabawi tan nanpataoli. Apabaingan iray may managpatey.

Natan, saray managpatey so napapalaboan tan say ari so ag nagogonigon.

Sikamin Arsobispo, say balon apilin-Obispo na Bayombong tan saray papari yo na Arkidiosis na Lingayen-Dagupan ya mangilalaman na saray Vicars Forane tayo, so saksakey a mangibabaga:

Agkami antakot. Manmamatalek kamid Katawan. Sipaparaan kamin mibakal para Dios. Labay ya ikotkot da kami ran papari yo. Balet, nalilingwanan da ya sikami ran papari so bokel. No ikotkot yo kami, sikami so mas ontubo tan ombolaslas. Agyo napatonday ikayat na Ibanghilyo. Agyo napatonday Dios ed inka-Dios to. Agyo naerep so bosis na Katwaan.

Kasalanan so panagpatey. Maoges iya. Aliwa yan kagagaway Fiipino. Aliwa yan kagagaway Cristiano. Aliwan saya so inbangat na atateng tayo. Say dalin, ya aterteran na dala di Father Mark Ventura, Father Tito Paez tan Father Richmon Nilo, so manannangis.

Say kadadalan dalin so manangis ed tawen para katonongan. Say katonongan na Dios so walad saray mamapatey ed saray apili na Dios. Walay niduman pasen ed impierno para saray managpatey. Walay mas makapataktakot ya pasen ed impierno so para saray mamapatey na papari.

Walay ipapalapag min nagawan AGEW NA PANAGBAYAR NA KASALANAN (DAY OF REPARATION) no Hunyo 18, diad kumasiam ya agew na inpatey nen Father Richmond Nilo.

  1. Amin ya misa ed Arkdiosis na Lingayen-Dagupan so ibagat para say panagbayar na kasalanan ya panag-ayew sumlang ed Dios, para saray kasalanan na sakriligeo tan panagderal na kagalangan laban ed saray papari tan Obispo; para saray panagpatey ya mansiansian ag ontotonda. Saray papari ed misa so mansulong na violet, say kolor na panagbabawi. Saya et agew na panag-ayuno tan panag-ngilin para saray papari, religioso tan laiko na Simbaan tayo.
  2. Ipaway na Cura Paroko so Santissima na sakey oras unong ed panaon ya maleem para saray parokiano ya mangigalang tan manbabawi. Saray papari so nepeg ya mankompisar tan kasumpal, sikara so ondengel na kompisar na saray mananisia ed sayan agew met.
  3. Amin ya kampanad simbaan so batangtangen ya labin liman minuto ed oras na alas seis ed labi na Hunyo 18 ya pakanudnunotan ed say oras na impatey nen Father Richmon Nilo.
  4. Say imahe na Santo Entierro odino Black Nazarene so ipaway ed prosisyon ed labi met na Hunyo 18 a pangisampot ed say Agew na Panagbayar na Kasalanan (Day of Reparation).
  5. Saray seminarista na saray seminaro na Mary Help of Christians so manunan manakar ed palbangon para panagbabawi manlapud Simbaan na San Jacinto ya anggad Basilica na Manaoag ed oras na 4,30 ed kabwasan. Tatanguyoren mi ray kalangweran ya mila ed saya.

Tatawagen mi ray agagi min papari ed arum ya diosisis tan religious congregations ya milan mikasakey ed sikami, no onabuloy iray Obispo tan superiors yo.

Kekerewen mi so grasya na Dios ya tenyegen toy puso na Presidente na Pilipinas ya patondaen lay salitan panag-pairap ed say Simbaan Catoliko lapud sarayan panag-atake so ampan mangiter na kabiskegan ya mas ondakel so krimen ya gawaen laban ed saray papari.

Kekerewen mi so panangiwanwan na Ispiritu Santo pian saray mangipapangulod gobierno tayo et napatunda so pakakabalang na ley tan oksoy ed bansa, tan nipawil so panag-galang ed bilay tan dignidad na too, ya aglilingwanan ya sikara so “maong ya aripen na ari balet manunaan ni so Dios.” (Santo Tomas More)

Kekerewen mid Katawan ya liingen to ray totoo, ya manaakar natan ed kabilongetan tan nanaandiy liknaan lapud takot, pian sikaray onalagey para say Katawan tan masibeg ya sustoen iray lingo tan kasalanan. Naalmo tayo komon ed saray laiko so sipaparaan ya aktibon mankimey para say social tan political ya pamasimbalo unong ed say Catholic moral teachings  tan Christian social ethics.

Diad saray rosaryo ed EDSA 1986, apaekal tayo so diktador ed trono to. Say inkasibeg so makalanor. Say kintakyot so ambanget. Manpaabig so dasal. Diad panagbabawi, nabilay iray inaatey.

“No mampikasi ra tan magbabawi rad kasalanan da, tan ibeneg da ray kaogsan a gagawaen da, dengelen ko rad satan ed tawen, pirdonaen ko ray kasalanan da tan paaligwasen ko lamet so dalin da.” (2 Awaran 7,14).

Diad Katedral na San Juan Ibangelista, Dagupan City, Hunyo 12, 1018.



Mensahe para sa Sambayanan ng Diyos Mula sa mga Kaparian ng Arsidyosesis ng Lingayen-Dagupan June 12, 2018

Minamahal naming Sambayanan ng Diyos:

Pinapatay nila ang ating kawan.  Pinapatay nila kaming mga pastol.  Pinapatay nila ang ating pananampalataya.  Sinusumpa nila ang ating Simbahan.  Muli nilang pinapatay ang Diyos katulad nang nangyari sa Kalbaryo.

Ang pagpatay ang solusyon.  Ang pagpatay ang linggwahe.  Ang pagpatay ang paraan.  Ang pagpatay ang kasagutan.  Ang pagpatay ay hinihikayat.  Ang pagpatay ay ginagawang hanap-buhay.  Ang pumapatay ay ginagantimpalaan.  Ang pumapatay ay nagmamalaki sa kanilang pagpatay.

Pumapatay sila sa lansangan.  Pumapatay sila sa loob ng tahanan. Pumapatay sila sa mga tricycle at jeep.  Pumapatay sila sa mga plaza.  Pumapatay sila sa mga mall.  Pumapatay sila sa mga kapilya.  Ang ating bansa ay naging lugar ng patayan.  Pumapatay sila kahit saan.  Sila ay masaya na pumatay.  Subalit hindi tayo bansang mamamatay-tao.

Ikaw ba ay pumapalakpak pa rin? Ikaw ba ay tumatawa pa rin?  Katawa-tawa pa rin ba ito sa iyo?  Para sa iyo, ito ba ay “Dapat lang”?  Sinasabi pa rin ba nating “Sige, pagbigyan natin”?  Sinasabi mo pa rin ba na mas ligtas ngayon ang mga tao?  Sinasabi mo pa rin ba na ito ang pinakamahusay pamahalaan na ating naranasan?  Ito ba ang pagbabagong gusto mo?  Ito ba ang pagbabagong pinangarap mo?  Sinasabi mo pa rin ba, “May magandang nangyayari?  Bigyang pansin ang magaganda”?  Kung muli kaming isusumpa at mumurahin dahil kami ay nagsalita, hindi na kami mabibigla.

Natatakot ka bang magsalita?  Ang iniisip mo ba na ang katahimikan ay isang kabutihan?  Ang iniisip nio ba ay kaming mga pastol ay dapat maghasik ng pagkakaisa na tila walang nakikita, walang nagsasalita at hindi nakaririnig ng masama?  Iniisip mo ba na kami ang susunod kapag kami ay nagsalita?  May malasakit ka pa ba?  Nasaan na ang iyong pananampalataya?  Nagsasalita kayo pero pabulong.  Natatakot ka ba na mapakinggan?  Tayo ba ay naging manhid na at naging mga pipi?

“Sino ang magsasagip sa akin laban sa panghihimasok ng paring ito?” Ang tinuran ni Haring Henry II tungkol kay St. Thomas Becket.  Katulad ng mga bulag na panatiko, ang mga kawal ng hari ay nagpunta sa Katedral, hinanap ang Arsobispo, tinaga at hinati ang kanyang bungo upang mapasaya ang kanilang hari ngunit nanlumo ang hari.  Ang hari ay nagsisi at naghandog ng penitensya.  Ang mga mamamatay-tao ay napahiya.

Ngayon, ang mga mamamatay-tao ay pinupuri at ang hari ay hindi nakokonsensya.

Kami, ang inyong Arsobispo, ang itinalagang maging obispo ng Bayombong, lahat ng mga kapariang lingkod sa Arsidyosesis ng Lingayen-Dagupan na pinamumunuan ng mga Vacario-Foraño, ay sama-samang sinasabi:

Hindi kami natatakot.  Nagtitiwala kami sa Diyos.  Handa kaming ipaglaban ang karangalan ng Diyos.  Gusto nila kaming mga pari ay ilibing.  Ngunit kanilang nakalimutan na kaming mga pari ay mga binhi.  Kapag kami ay ibinaon sa lupa, lalo kaming lumalago at umuunlad.  Hindi mapipigilan ang Mabuting Balita na lumago.  Hindi mapipigilan ang Diyos na maging Diyos.  Hindi kayang busalan ang tinig ng Katotohanan.

Ang pagpatay ay kasalanan.  Ito ay maling-mali.  Hindi ito pagiging Pilipino.  Hindi ito pagiging Kristyano.  Hindi ito ang itinuro ng ating mga ninuno.  Ang lupa na nabahiran ng dugo nina Fr. Mark Ventura, Fr. Tito Paez, at Fr. Richmond Nilo ay umiiyak.

Ang lupang nabahiran ng dugo ay umiiyak at humihingi sa kalangitan ng hustisya.  Maghari nawa ang hustisya ng Diyos sa mga pumatay sa mga hirang ng Diyos.  May lugar sa impyerno para sa mga pumapatay.  May masahol na lugar para sa mga pumapatay sa kaparian.

Ipinapahayag namin na may DAY OF REPARATION  (ARAW NG PAGBABAYAD) sa Arsidyosesis ng Lingayen-Dagupan sa darating na ika-18 ng Hunyo, ika-siyam na araw ng pagkamatay ni Fr. Richmond Nilo.

  1. Ang lahat ng mga misa sa nasasakupan ng Arsidyosesis ng Lingayen-Dagupan ay iaalay para sa pagbabayad ng kasalanan sa kalapastanganan sa Diyos, kalapastanganan at kasamaan laban sa mga pari at obispo; ang mga pagpatay na nagpapatuloy at walang pagsisisi.  Ang mga magmimisa ay susuotin ang kulay ng pagsisisi o violet.  Ang araw na ito ay araw ng pag-aayuno at pangingilin para sa mga kaparian, mga relihiyoso at relihiyosa at sa lahat ng mananampalataya ng ating Simbahan.
  2. Ang Kura Paroko ay inaatasang i-expose ang Banal na Santisimo ng isang oras sa oras na makakapagtanod ang mga mananampalataya upang sambahin at magbayad-puri.  Dapat mangumpisal ang pari at gayun din ang mananampalataya sa araw na ito.
  3. Ang lahat ng kampanilya ng simbahan ay patutugtugin sa loob ng labing limang minuto sa ika-6 ng gabi sa ika-18 ng Hunyo para sa paggunita sa oras kung kailan pinatay si Fr. Richmond Nilo.
  4. Ang imahe ng Santo Entierro o ang Itim na Nazareno ay ilalabas upang iprusisyon sa gabi ng ika-18 ng Hunyo upang maging hudyat ng pagsasara ng ARAW NG PAGBABAYAD (DAY OF REPARATION)
  5. Ang mga seminarista ng Mary Help of Christian Seminaries ay mangunguna sa penitential pilrimage na maglalakad mula sa San Jacinto Parish Church papunta sa Basilica ng Manaoag sa ika-4:30 ng umaga.  Hinihimok ang mga kabataan na sumama.

Tinatawagan namin ang mga kaparian sa iba’t ibang diyosesis at mga kasapi ng mga kongregasyon ng relihiyoso at relihiyosa na samahan kami sa ganitong gawain kung pahihintulutan ng inyong mga obispo at mga namumuno.

Sama-sama nating ipamanhik ang grasya ng ating Panginoon na hipuin ang puso ng Pangulo ng Republika ng Pilipinas na itigil niya ang mga salitang mapang-usig laban sa Simbahang Katolika dahil ang ganitong gawain ay maaaring pagmulan ng lakas ng loob na hindi pinag-iisipang krimen laban sa mga kaparian.

Tawagan natin ang patnubay ng Banal na Espiritu upang ang ating mga pinuno sa pamahalaan ay masupil ang pagguho ng batas at kaayusan sa ating bansa at muling maibalik ang paggalang sa buhay at dignidad ng tao na laging nasa isip na sila ay “mga mabubuting lingkod ng hari ngunit ang una ay Diyos” (Saint Thomas More).

Makiusap tayo sa Diyos na gisingin ang mga tao na patuloy na namumuhay sa kadiliman at pinamamanhid ng takot na manindigan para sa Panginoon at buong tapang na itama ang kamalian at kasalanan.  Sana ay makita natin na ang mga mananampalataya ay may kahandaan upang makisangkot sa panlipunan at politikal na pagbabago na nakaugat sa Catholic Moral Teachings at Christian Social Ethics.

Sa pamamagitan ng pagdarasal ng Santo Rosaryo sa EDSA noong 1986 ay napatalsik natin ang diktador mula sa kanyang trono.  Ang lakas ng loob ay nakahahawa.  Ang pagkaduwag ay nakabubulok.  Ang panalangin ay nakapaghihilom.  Ang pagsisisi ay nakabubuhay ng mga patay.

“Ngunit kung ang bayang ito na nagtataglay ng aking karangalan ay magpapakumbaba, manalangin, hanapin ako at talikuran ang kasamaan, papakinggan ko sila mula sa langit. Patatawarin ko sila sa kanilang mga kasalanan at muli kong pasasaganain ang kanilang lupain.” (2 Cronica 7:14)

Mula sa Katedral ng San Juan Ebanghelista, Dagupan City, ika-12 ng Hunyo, 2018.


Circular 2018-12: Post Synod Commissions

May 31, 2018

Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Circular 2018-12

RE: Post Synod Commissions

My dear people of God:

After months of consultation and coordination meetings resulting from the promulgation of the Acts and Decrees of the Second Synod of Lingayen Dagupan, we are now ready to make another step forward in constituting the archdiocesan membership of the three Post Synodal Commissions that will become the implementing agents of the spirit and vision of the Synod.

The three Post Synodal Commissions are WORSHIP, EVANGELIZATION and SOCIAL SERVICES.

By now, it is imperative and necessary that every parish must have these three commissions constituted in the parish level.


On July 14, Saturday, from 8:30 am until 11:30 am at the Lay Formation Center in Bonuan Gueset, we shall have the General Assembly of the parish leaders for the Commission on Worship. Every parish must send TWO LEADERS who are the Worship Minister who heads the lay liturgical ministries and the Liturgical Music Minister who coordinates the parish choirs. I will facilitate the flow of the General Assembly assisted by Father Eric Galivo, the Commission Chairman. We will start promptly so please advise your parish leaders to come on time.

On the same day July 14, Saturday, from 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm in the same venue LFC, we shall have the General Assembly of the Commission for Social Services. Every parish must send THREE LEADERS who are involved in the Ministry of Social Action, Ministry with the Poor, Ministry of Mercy, Ministry for Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People, Prison Apostolate, Health Care Apostolate and Aid to the Church in Need. Like the morning assembly, I will facilitate the flow of the meeting assisted by Father Estephen Espinosa. These three parish leaders must be distinct and separate from the parish leaders for the Commission on Worship held earlier in the day. Parish Worship Ministers will not be allowed to join the afternoon assembly.

On August 4, Saturday from 8:30 am until 3:00 pm at the Lay Formation Center, the General Assembly of the Commission on Evangelization will be convoked. Every parish must send FIVE LEADERS who are engaged in the various evangelization programs indicated by the Synod namely, Ministry on the Clergy, Biblical Ministry, Family and Life Ministry, Catechesis, Ministry on the Youth, Ministry on Pananabangan, Social Communications, Ministry on Community Apostolate, Ministry on Vocations, Ecumenical and Inter-religious Dialogue, and Cultural Heritage of the Church. These five parish evangelization ministers must not be directly engaged in the Commission on Worship or the Commission on Social Services. Like the two past General Assemblies, I will facilitate the flow of the meeting assisted by Msgr. Manuel Bravo, the Commission Chairman.


In every General Assembly of each of the three Post Synodal Commissions, we will present briefly the Synod background and the event itself; followed by a presentation of the Commission pastoral plan. As a plenary assembly, we will review all the Synodal articles that pertain to the Commission, draft implementing rules and policies and propose the needed parish pastoral action including the timetable, budget, personnel, etc.


The Parish Commission members, i.e. two for Worship, three for Social Services and five for Evangelization, must be diligently selected avoiding duplication of Commission membership although they can be in two ministries under the same Commission. A Commission is composed of various ministries.

While it is meritorious to tap the old reliable parish leaders to insure pastoral efficiency, please prudently consider other unnoticed parish leaders particularly from the young and the young adults so that we can give birth to a new generation of Christian leaders. As the slogan says, please “Think outside the box”.


Depending on the results from the three part General Assembly, we hope to convoke an Archdiocesan Pastoral Assembly where all the three Commission members will be present during which we can present the consolidated pastoral plan, own the pastoral plan and commit together to pursue the same pastoral plan.

God willing, we hope to see these ten parish Commission members cascade down to the parish and barangay communities the spirit of the Synod. In time, we can consider these ten parish Commission leaders as the members of the Parish Pastoral Council. We can veer away from the traditional paradigm of PPC members and make our parish lay leadership more ministry oriented rather than “position” based. This is work in progress needing discernment and consultation.

In every step we take, let prayer be our armament, the Holy Spirit be our guidepost and the pastoral welfare of the people of God be our singular purpose. I trust that you share the vision of the Synod and you appreciate the importance of these assemblies to pursue our goals. I plead for your cooperation.

May the Lord help me to thank you more!

Sincerely yours,


Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan


Circular 2018-11: Bishop of Bayombong

May 28, 2018

Circular 2018-11

RE: Bishop of Bayombong

Reverend Fathers:

On account of the appointment of Bishop Elmer I. Mangalinao as Bishop of Bayombong, he has ceased to be Titular Bishop of Urusi and Auxiliary Bishop of Lingayen Dagupan since last May 24.  His name will no longer be mentioned in the Eucharistic Prayer in Masses celebrated in the Archdiocese of Lingayen Dagupan inasmuch as his name will be mentioned already in all the Masses in the Diocese of Bayombong.

He will be installed Bishop of Bayombong on July 25, 2018 at 10:00 o’clock in the morning at the Cathedral of Saint Dominic in Bayombong. We will send out information about a delegation from the archdiocese who will send him off and attend the installation rites.

Our thanksgiving Mass and farewell fellowship for Bishop Elmer will be held on July 21, Saturday at 10:00 am at the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist. Kindly reserve the date and organize a delegation from the parishes and schools for this despedida.

Let us thank the Lord for the ministry of Bishop Elmer to our Church in Lingayen Dagupan. We know the Diocese of Bayombong will be equally blessed by his ministry.

Sincerely yours,


Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan



Today is the feast of Mary Help of Christians. Mary the Helper is as old as the title Mary the Mother. This devotion was the armament of the Popes in the past against the attacks of kings and emperors on the Church. The devotion to Mary Help of Christians has been the recourse of the Church from centuries ago to resist anti-Christian forces.

Let us gaze at the Virgin Mary and let us look at our country.

There are many things happening to our country that are repulsive and revolting.

Fake news abound, lies are peddled and truth is bargained for the right price. The smoke of graft and corruption keeps going with no one to snuff out the fire from where the smoke comes. Politicians are abundant while statesmen have gone scarce. Constitutional rights are violated and legal processes are ignored.

But among all the social ills that are slowly eating up our national soul, the murders and the vulgarity are incredibly and sadly on top of the list. Years from now, this chapter in our history as a people will be called the Reign of Murder and Vulgarity. Sobra na!

The poor Filipinos killed by still unknown assassins for the past two years are enough to fill up the Narciso Ramos Athletic Field in Lingayen. Most of them are adults, many are youth, a few are children but all of them have a common adjective to describe them—defenseless and silent poor. If they were not killed by government agents, the government agents have been incredibly yet systematically unable to trace the killers and bring the wheels of justice to roll.  Sumosobra na talaga!

The vulgarity in language used to shock us years ago. It feels like we were more decent and respectful, polite and courteous many years ago; but it has been only two years since this downslide to vulgarity started rapidly. Women are disgraced in words not once but habitually, as if it were a standard policy to mock womanhood and reduce the God given dignity of personhood to genitals. Anger can be righteous but in recent months, anger had lost its righteousness. If you are angry, you have a right to be vulgar. If you are afraid of the backlash do not get angry at the wrongdoer. We have become numb to vulgarity. We laugh at vulgarity instead of getting shocked and angry.

Now, vulgarity has taken another twist—to mock the memory of the murdered; to calumniate a faithful departed who cannot defend himself; to gossip about the dead; to add inconsiderate sorrow to the grief of those they have left behind. Is murder to be excused due to the unproven immorality of the killed? Tama na!

We have anti-Christian forces around us shaking our Catholic values. Murder is offered as a solution to our problems and vulgarity is glorified as a way of life. There is hostility towards decency. Human life is under threat. It would be naïve to hope things will improve without us lifting a finger. Please pray and from prayer let us act together to defend the values of Christianity. Vulgarity and murder are anti- Christian.

Hindi ba sobra na? Hindi pa ba tayo maninindigan? Kung hindi ngayon kailan pa? Turn to Mary Help of Christians and let her send you forth in battle for her Son.

Mag-isip. Manalangin. Kumilos nang sama sama.

From the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist, Dagupan City, May 24, 2018


Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan




Sisilibraan tayo ed sayan agew so fiesta nen Maria Tulong daray Cristiano. Say panamagalang ed si Maria ya Mananulong et ontan lan kabayag a singa panamagalang ed si Maria ya Ina. Sayan dibosyon so inusar na saray Santo Papa nen saman ya pilaban ed saray nanduroman pang-atake ed Simbaan na arari tan imperador. Sayan dibosyon ed si Maria Tulong daray Cristiano so batikan na Simbaan nen saman pian nalabanan iray nanduroman pwersa ya onsusumlang ed Simbaan.

Itilan línga-yen si Marian Virgen tan nengnengen so bansa tayo.

Dakerakel iray nagagawad bansa tayo ya makapasinsinagem tan makapaingongot.

Ataytayak iray tila tan pekin balita; tila ya pagmamaliwen ya katwaan tan say katwaan so natatawalan na dugan presyo. Say asewek na panagtakew tan kurapsyon so tuloy-tuloy tan anggapo so maneerep ed say apoy ya panlalapoan na sayan asewek. Atakatak iray politiko balet dinmaiset iray matwaan managlinkur na baley. Sosonggayen so kanepegan unong ed Konstitusyon tan papaolyan so nepeg tan maptek a tutontunon a legal.

Balet ed sarayan dakerakel ya sakit na baley ya kalkalnan manederal na kamarerwa na bansa, say panagpatey tan panagbastos so makapaermen ya manuna ed amin diad listaan.

Saray mairap bilay iran Filipino ya pinapatey na agkabat iran pumapatey ed dwaran taon et napano to la so Narciso Ramos Athletic Field ed Lingayen na sarayan apatey. Dakerakel ed saraya et matatakken, tan kalangweran, wala met iray ogogaw balet ed amin daraya, saksakey so pakabirbir ed sikara — sikaray anggapoy pakayari tan anggapoy bosis iran mairap bilay. No ag ira pinatey na saray walad gobierno, makapakelaw la ya say sisteman natutumbok et say agpakabirbir na sarayan managpatey pian komun et say katonongan so nagamuran. Pete-peteg ya alablabas la!

Nen saman a panaoan, nabigbigla tayo ed say bastos ya panagsalita tan say panagayew. A singa nen saman sikatayo so disente, magalang, tan walay baing; balet, dud-dwaran taon labat ni so apalabas nen agay lay peles ya insabi na kabastosan. Saray bibii et pabpabaingan aliwan aminsan labat no ingen amin piga-piga la, ya singa magmamaliw ya ordinarion tutontonen so panagbastos ed say inkabii tan pagmamaliwen ya say dignidad na inkatoo ya nanlapud Dios et naalmod say kayaryan to labat. Walay matunong ya panag-pasnok balet ed sarayan apalabas ya bulan, abalang lay katuoran na panagpasnok. No sikay manpasnok, walay kanepegan mon manayew. No agmo labay so nabalesan, agka mamapasnok ed say akagaway mauges. Singa anggapo lad sikatayo so panag-bastos. Elek-elek tayo labat ingen ed say panag-bastos imbes na nabigla tan manpasnok.

Natan, walay balon nengneng na panag-bastos: say panagbalaw ed say pinatey; say panderal na reputasyon na sakey ya pinablin naandi lad bilay ya agto la nailaban so dili to; say panaglabir ed say naandi lad bilay; say panarum ed say kaermenan na saray ataynan. Rason la kasi so pamatey lapud say agni apatwan immoralidad na say pinatey? Tama na!

Wala ray aliwan ma-Kristianon pwersa ya manetenyeg ed saray pinabli tayon kaugalian ya Katoliko. Papapawayen ya say panagpatey so solusyon na saray problema tayo tan gagalangen so panagbastos a singa balon panag-bilay. Walay panag-bosol ed kinasimpit. Walay panagtaktakot ed say bilay na too. Agtayo ilaloan ya ondakep so kipapasen no anggapoy pibabali tayo. Mandasal tayo tan lapud sayan panagdasal, sikatayo so mankakasakey ya ilaban iray ma-Kristianon kaugalian. Say panagbastos tan panagpatey so aliwan maka-Kristiano.

Aga kasi alablabas la ya? Agtayo ni kasi onalagey ed saya? No aliwan natan, kapigan ni? Linga-yen si Maria, Tulong daray Cristiano tan abuloyan ya ibaki to itayon mibakal para say Anak to.

Man-nunot. Mandasal. Ongalaw ya mankakasakey.

Diad Katedral nen San Juan Ibanghilista, Dagupan City, May 24, 2018.


Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan




Ipinagdiriwang natin sa araw na ito ang kapistahan ni Maria Mapag-ampon sa mga Kristiyano.  Ang taguring ito ni Maria bilang Mapag-ampon ay kasingtagal na ng taguri ni Maria bilang Ina.  Ang debosyong ito ay ang mabisang sanggalang na ginamit ng mga Santo Papa upang ipagtanggol ang Simbahan laban sa iba’t ibang pag atake ng mga hari at emperador.  Ang debosyon kay Maria Mapag ampon sa mga Kristiyano ang naging takbuhan ng Simbahan laban sa maraming pwersa laban sa Kanya.

Ating sulyapan ang ating Inang Birheng Maria at tingnan ang ating bansa.

Napakaraming paninirang-puri at kasuklam-suklam na nangyayari sa ating bansa.

Napakaraming mga pekeng balita, ang lumalabas ay ang mga kasinungalingan at ang katotohanan ay ipinagpapalit sa kaunting halaga ng pera.  Ang usok ng pandarambong ay nagpapatuloy at walang magsabi kung nasaan ang apoy na pinagmumulan ng usok.  Ang mga pulitiko ay sagana ngunit ang tunay na namumuno ay kakaunti na. Patuloy na nilalabag ang karapatang isinasaad sa saligang batas at isinasantabi ang mga legal o makatuwid na proseso.

Ang pagpatay at kabastusan ay ang mga nangungunang mga sakit ng ating lipunan na dahan dahang kumakain ng kaluluwa ng ating bansa.

Ang bilang ng mga pinaslang na mahihirap na mga Pilipino na hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa nakikilala ang mga pumatay ay sapat na upang ma        puno ang Narciso Ramos Athletic Field sa Lingayen.  Marami sa kanila ay matatanda, ang iba ay mga kabataan, ang ilan ay mga bata pero silang lahat ay may pare parehong mukha – sila ay mga mukha ng mga walang kalaban laban at tahimik na dukha.  Kung hindi man sila pinatay ng nasa pamahalaan, hindi naman kapani-paniwala ang tila sistemang umiiral sa hindi pagkilala sa mga pumaslang upang mabigyan ng hustisya ang mga pinaslang.  Sumosobra na talaga!

Dati rati ang kabastusan at kahalayan sa pananalita ay ating ikinabibigla at ikinababahala.  Maraming taon ang nakalilipas na dama ng bawat isa na tayo ay disente, respetado at magalang ngunit nitong dalawang taong nakalipas tila mabilis na nagsimula ang kabastusan at kahalayan. Ang mga babae ay ipinapahiya sa pananalita hindi lamang minsan kundi maraming beses na tila naging ordinaryo na at naging karaniwan na ang mang alipusta ng kababaihan na ang dignidad ng pagkatao na regalo mula sa Diyos ay tumutukoy na lamang sa maselang bahagi ng katawan.  Ang galit ay maaaring makatuwiran ngunit sa mga nakalipas na panahon tila nawala ang katuwiran sa galit.  Kapag ikaw ay galit, tila may karapatan kang maging bastos.  Kung natatakot kang balikan, huwag magalit sa gumagawa ng masama.  Tayo ay naging manhid na sa kabastusan.  Tumatawa na lang tayo sa kabastusan sa halip na tayo ay mabigla at magalit.

Ngayon, ang kabastusan ay nagkaroon ng bagong anyo – ang alimurahin ang alaala ng pinaslang; ang siraan ng reputasyon ang walang buhay na hindi na maipagtatanggol ang sarili; ang yurakan ang pagkatao ng pinatay; na nakadaragdag sa bigat ng kalooban at pagdadalamhati ng naiwan.  Ang pagpatay ba ay ipagpapasawalang-bahala na lamang dahil sa di-napatutunayang imoralidad ng pinatay? Tama na!

Mayroong mga hindi-maka-Kristianong pwersa sa ating paligid na pinapawalang halaga ang ating mga Kristianong kaugalian. Ang pagpatay ay iniaalok na solusyon sa ating suliranin at ang kabastusan ay niluluwalhati bilang isang paraan ng pamumuhay.  May poot sa kabutihan.  May pagbabanta sa buhay ng tao.  Hindi tayo pwedeng umasa na ang mga nangyayari ay mapapabuti kung hindi tayo makikisangkot.  Magdasal tayo at sa mula sa pananalangin ay sama-sama tayong kumilos upang ipagtanggol ang maka-Kristiyanong pagpapahalaga.  Ang kabastusan at pagpatay ay hindi maka-Kristiyano.

Hindi ba sobra na?  Hindi pa ba tayo maninindigan?  Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?  Dumulog tayo kay Maria Mapag-ampon sa mga Kristiyano at hayaan nating ipadala niya tayo sa himagsikan para sa kanyang Anak na si Hesus.

Mag-isip. Manalangin. Kumilos nang sama-sama.

Mula sa Katedral ng San Juan Ebanghelista, Dagupan City, May 24, 2018.


Archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan

Circular 2018-9: Canonical Coronation of Mary Help of Christians


April 26, 2018

Circular 2018-9

RE: Canonical Coronation of Mary Help of Christians

My dear people of God:

By the grace of God and favor of His Holiness Pope Francis, the image of Mary Help of Christians, venerated in our archdiocesan seminary, has been granted the honor of receiving papal coronation.  This is a clear message of affirmation from the Holy Father that this image of the Mother of God with the Child Jesus has contributed to the growth of the Catholic faith in Pangasinan for the past ninety years. The image was a gift of the then Apostolic Delegate Archbishop Guglielmo Piani to Bishop Cesar Maria Guerrero, the first Bishop of Lingayen. This gift caused the naming of our archdiocesan seminary as Mary Help of Christians Seminary.

This papal decree authorizing the coronation of the image gives the Archdiocese of Lingayen Dagupan the unique honor of having two images canonically crowned, the first image being Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag crowned on April 22, 1926.

The liturgical rites of crowning the venerated image will be held on August 22, 2018 at the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist in Dagupan City at nine o’clock in the morning presided by the Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Gabriele Caccia.

The next four months leading to the historic ecclesial event will be a period of intense catechesis, acts of piety and works of mercy in honor of Mary Help of Christians.

I call on you our brothers and sisters to consider this blessing as a challenge to love the Lord even more and seek ways to grow in holiness.

Sincerely yours,


Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan



April 26, 2018

Circular 2018-9

RE: Say Pankorona ed say Imahen di Maria, Tulong Daray Cristiano

Pinablik iran Totoo’y Dios:

Lapud say grasya na Dios tan say panangaro na Santo Papa Francisco, say imahen nen Maria, Tulong Daray Cristiano (Mary Help of Christians), ya papagalangan diad saray seminario tayod arkidiosis, so naitday kagalangan diad say pangawat toy korona a manlapud Santo Papa. Sakey iyan malinew a pakabat a nanlapud say Santo Papa ya sayan imahen na Ina na Dios a kaibay Anak ton Jesus so akapangiter na inpamabaleg na pananisia Catoliko ed Pangasinan diad apalabas ya siam a pulon taon. Sayan imahen so inpangaro nen saman ya Apostolic Delegate Archbishop Guglielmo Piani ed si Bishop Cesar Maria Guerrero, say unaan ya Obispo na Lingayen. Sayan regalo so rason no akin et atawag ya Mary Help of Christians Seminary so seminario tayod arkidiosis.

Sayan decree ya nanlapud Santo Papa ya mangigagangan ed say pankorona na sayan imahen so mangiiter ed say Arkidiosis na Lingayen-Dagupan ya niduman kagalangan lapud say dwaran imahen ya akoronaan na ganggan na Santo Papa. Say unaan et say Inan Birhen na Santo Rosario na Manaoag ya akoronaan nen Abril 22, 1926.

Say rito ya pankorona na sayan gagalangen ya imahen so nagawa no Agosto 22, 2018 diad Katedral na San Juan Ibanghelista ed Dagupan City ed oras na alas nueve ed kabwasan. Saya so ipangulo na say Apostolic Nuncio Arsobispo Gabriele Caccia.

Diad sarayan apat a bulan ya mamaarap ed sayan maawaran ya nagawad simbaan so panaon na naspot ya katekismo, panagdasal tan panagaway kimey na panangasi a pamagalang ed say Ina, Tulong Daray Cristiano.

Tatawagen ko so imano yon amin, agagik ira, ya akoen iyan bendision a sakey a ayatan ya mas aroen so Katawan tan anapen iray dalan a mamabaleg ed panagbilay na kinasanto.

Say matoor ed sikayo,


Arsobispo na Lingayen Dagupan


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