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The Archdiocese

ALD Vision-Mission Statement






“Ulupan” is a Pangasinan word that literally means “association or grouping.” It is a word that reminds the clergy of the Archdiocese of their formation years in the seminary when they committed themselves to becoming a community of brothers dedicated to fostering their growth in the priestly vocation. This community that is envisioned is called and formed by Christ, hence, this community is called to Discipleship. It is a community that is called to encounter Christ, the Word made flesh. (This item gets us into the spirit of PCP II and the Apostolic Exhortation, Verbum Domini.)

The call to Christian witnessing reminds the community of disciples that Christianity is about “walking the talk.” True discipleship must be manifested or lived in the world. Authentic disciples become the “salt of the earth and the light of the world.” (This item takes into consideration the challenge posed by the Church and a reminder of the etymological and metaphoric significance of Pangasinan – “asin ng pamayanan.”)

The community of disciples are committed to making Jesus Christ, Son of God and Savior of the World, present through a way of life (Spirituality) that is marked by: (i) the Integration of Faith and Life; (ii) attention to Catechesis; (iii) love for the Eucharist – THanksgiving; (iv) promotion of Unity in Diversity, and (v) life of Service with special attention to the poor. (This item spells out the “new vision” and the goals of the Archdiocese.)

The community of disciples in ALD take Our Lady of Manaoag as patroness and model. (This item underscores the Marian devotion of ALD. It also reminds the ALD to keep on listening to God’s continuous “call” to holiness, and the special call to young men and women to the priesthood and religious life.)



  • Initiate formation programs for a renewed and mature personal life in the context of stewardship spirituality
  • Inolvement and participation of the Church in socio-political, socio-economic, socio-ecological institutions
  • Integrate all archdiocesan offices and ministries into a defined organizational structure
  • Intensify family involvement (not just individual apostolates) in the mission of the Church


  • Coordinated comprehensive systematic continuous sustained and updated catechetical program for the youth and children (common to all parishes):
              • Clear and catechist-friendly catechetical programs for all grade levels in the elementary schools
              • Catholic schools send 3RD year and 4th year students as catechists to selected public elementary schools thereby extending catechetical programs/services to more children.
              • Structured archdiocesan support system for the formation and support of catechists
              • Define qualifications/competency (knowledge, skills, values, attitudes) requirements for volunteer catechists
              • Monitoring and supervision of performance of catechists
          • Comprehensive and systematic adult formation program for priests, lay leaders, families, and handicapped like the ongoing School for Lay Leaders and possibly a catechetical formation center.
          • THANKSGIVING

            • Eucharistic spirituality that is truly inculturated and biblically based and socially engaged is actively promoted, deepened and sustained.
            • Encourage popular devotions that lead to and flow from the Eucharist, the source and summit of Christian life.
            • Educational financial assistance for seminarians (our future priests)


            • Use all social and ecclesial initiatives that promote communio among the laity, religious and clergy on the parish, vicariate and archdiocesan levels. (sports, prayer meetings, civic organizations, conventions, etc)
                        • Conduct regular pastoral gatherings to promote ICTHUS
                        • Academic and non-academic Olympics among Catholic schools and parish youth leaders to strengthen bonding, unity, camaraderie, and brotherhood among our youth.
                        • Integration of all church organizations to promote unity through programs of service, prayer and formation.
                    • Understanding and practicing the spirituality of stewardship through formation modules, thematic homilies and seminars.
                    • Unification of all Church organizations that have the same thrust, e.g. single people, youth, men’s organizations, women’s organizations, etc.—into a community of communities with a sense of common vision and in order to consolidate various pastoral actions.
                    • SERVICE, JUSTICE, and CHARITY

                      • Strengthen/reorganize CARITAS Lingayen Dagupan and parish-based Caritas
                                • o Medical and dental outreach
                                • o Housing assistance
                                • o Livelihood and micro financing
                                • o Educational scholarship programs
                                • o Social advocacies
                            • Study the creation of a common accounting system for parishes and Catholic schools from the paradigm of stewardship.
                            • Set up network with other non religious charitable institutions and NGOs.
                            • Clergy Formation Agenda 2009 (Circular Letter 2, series 2009)

                              TO: The Diocesan Clergy, Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan, Pangasinan

                              RE: Commission on the Clergy, Calenday 2009

                              The love and peace of Christ — the same today, yesterday and forever!

                              Please be attentive to the herunder Symptoms and treatment of mania and how it is diagnosed. YEAR 2009 CHEDULE prepared by the above cited commission and kindly note them now clearly in your calendar. Our attendance to this our own spiritual and pastoral on-going formational program is clearly relevant as well as mandatory.

                              FORMATIONAL AGENDA

                              9 January, Friday, RECOLLECTION by Vicariate I at LFC.

                              13 February, Friday, UPDATING by Commssion on the Clergy (ACC) at LFC.

                              13 March, Friday RECOLLECTION by Vicariate II at LFC

                              9 April, Thursday, CHRISM MASS at the St. John Parish Church.

                              13 April, Monday, EASTER PARTY by ACC at the Holy Family Parish, Sta. Barbara

                              8 May, Friday, RECOLLECTION by ACC our essays online service at the LFC

                              10 No Prescription Pills Cheap Brand Sildenafil Online . well as with lesser pain Brand Female Cialis Order Canada Brand Female Cialis Shipped From Canada. July, Friday, UPDATING by ACC at the LFC

                              24-28 August, CLERGY RETREAT at the Betania Retreat House, Baguio City

                              11 September, Friday, RECOLLECTION by Vicariate IV at the LFC

                              9 October, Friday, UPDATING by ACC at the LFC

                              13 November, Friday, RECOLLECTION by Vicariate I at the LFC

                              8 December Tuesday, CLERGY CHRISTMAS PARTY at the St. John Cathedral School

                              Prepared by: REV. FR. ENRIQUE V. MACARAEG, Chairman, Commission on the Clergy

                              Noted: +RENATO P. MAYUGBA, DD, Auxiliary Bishop, January 2009

                              New Year Message of Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz, DD

                              Msgr. Oscar V. Cruz, DDMsgr. Oscar V. Cruz, DD, the Archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan, through a circular letter addressed to the faithful of the Archdiocese, gave his New Year message. The circular letter was read from the pulpit in all the churches and chapels on all the Eucharistic celebrations on the evening of  31 December 2008 and on 1 January 2009. Likewise, the Archbishop called on the Directors of all the Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese to bring the core lessons of his message — industry, productivity and parsimony –  in their respective communities, on the first days of the year 2009.

                              The following is Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz’s New Year Message:

                              “So the shepherds scurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and saw the baby Jesus lying in the manger.” (Lk 2:16)

                              THIS is a truly hopeful and really consoling day—the very first day in the New Year 2009. Our said hope and consolation are anchored in the signal fact that the beginning of this New Year is lovingly entrusted to the care and love of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Mother of God. There are no less than three distinctive and meaningful truths that we should remember well and faithfully live by:

                              One: May is the Mother of God because she conceived and gave birth to Christ, the Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, who is true God and true man (Lk 1:35). She is wherefore the most formidable woman in this whole wide world.

                              Two: May is our Mother too. Dying from the cross, Christ himself gave her to us as our mother too when he said as a last testament: “Behold, your Mother!” (Jn 18:27). tamoxifen citrate online. precio de nolvadex en mexico. where to purchase nolvadex online. price tamoxifen uk. citrato de tamoxifeno 20mg. buy Nolvadex online She is therefore our loving and powerful patroness before God.

                              Three: Mary had no reservation at all in placing the Lord Jesus in a little manger, in a humble stable. She thus had no problem, no difficulty in giving birth to Jesus in a poor surrounding, together with Joseph as the Holy Family.

                              This is why with the example of Jesus, Oct 10, 2015 – Levitra Cialis Viagra Package – Online Pharmacy:: Buy Online No Prescription Needed. to explain acheter du viagra sur internet viagra Cialis package brand that buy viagra online australia fast delivery be most useful levitra Cialis And now levitra online pharmacy no prescription faculty member at theВ  Mary and Joseph as the Holy Family, we should not be afraid of our own family poverty that has been serious and pervasive in the country long since. This year 2009, however, can even be more trying and challenging for us all—as our national economy is in big crisis due to equally big graft and corrupt practices.

                              As the holy family was able to survive despite its poverty, and as need your essay we call on our Blessed Mother to help us also survive these difficult times, we too have to keep in mind the wise saying: “God helps those who help themselves.” For this reason, the help of God through the intercession of our Mother Mary, we have:

                              To observe industry contrary to the vice of laziness. This simply means that we have to sweat even by doing little income generating work—if not formal employment and professional task. As St. Paul clearly said: “Those who do not want to work, let them not also eat.” (II Thess. 3:10)

                              To engage in productivity contrary to the call of the consumerism. This only means that these must be something productive we can and should do even in our little backyards like planting vegetables, tomatoes and the like. Furthermore, we do not spend unless really needed, we do not buy what is not necessary.

                              To live in parsimony contrary to self-indulgence. As it is hard to earn every peso, we cannot but save every peso we have these hard times, it is sheer foolishness to throw our little money around to get things we do not need, to buy things we really cannot afford.

                              When we remember the three Gospel truths about Jesus in a manger and Mary with Joseph in the stable, and if we practice industry, productivity and parsimony, then we have good reason to greet one another “Happy New Year!

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