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Circular 2016-24: Day of Prayer for Life

September 1, 2016

Circular 2016-24

RE: Day of Prayer for Life

My dear people of God:

Caritas Christi urget nos (2Cor. 5:14)

The love of Christ urges us to invite you to come together in prayer to share our common grief at the deaths that we have been seeing in the past months.  Let us turn to the Lord of Life and beg for His mercy that we may look at the recent events in our society with His eyes, to love another with His love and act together through His Spirit dwelling in our hearts.

On September 14, the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, we proclaim a DAY OF PRAYER AND FASTING for the Archdiocese of Lingayen Dagupan.  I invite all our priests, men and women in consecrated life and the laity to abstain from meat, partake of only one meal instead of the usual meals and receive Holy Communion on September 14. On September 15, the memorial of the Sorrowful Mother, I invite you to share with the poor the food we did not eat the day before.

Our archdiocesan observance of this Day of Prayer for Life will be held at 5:30pm with a concelebrated Mass at the Saint John the Evangelist Cathedral in Dagupan City.  This Mass will be offered for the souls of those who died violently in the past months through police encounters, vigilante killings or accidental gunshots. We shall pray for the departed peace keeping government personnel, for killed suspected criminals, for the victims of drug addicts and even more for innocent victims. I request the parish priests to invite the families of the dead to join this Mass.

Within this same Mass, we shall hold a mission sending ceremony for the duly trained Ministers of Mercy who will provide pastoral care for drug users who want to reform their lives.

The bells in all our churches will ring simultaneously at 8:00pm from September 14 to September 21, the feast of Saint Matthew. Eight o’clock at night is the traditional time to ring the bells for Nunc Dimittis of the night prayers. It is also the customary De Profundis moment to pray for the dead. The bell ringing is an appeal to conscience. It is not a threat of death for the offenders but a call to return to the peace of the Lord by spiritual reform.

On September 14 too, the parishes will be requested to put up “Huwag kang papatay” signage to remind our people of our Christian duty to observe the Fifth Commandment.

As we stand up for the dignity of every human person and the sacredness of every human life, let us ask the Lord to win this battle for us. May the Lord give peace to the dead! May the Lord give peace to the living! Not as the world gives but as the Lord gives!

Sincerely yours,


Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan

Circular 2016-23: Prayer for the Healing of the Nation

August 22, 2016

Circular 2016-23

RE: Prayer for the Healing of the Nation

My dear people of God:

The Word of God rings clear and true: If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (2Chronicles 7:14).

The killings continue to rise. The divisions seem to widen even more. The indifference to the violations of the Commandments of God is spreading. We must not give up.

We will stand up for the moral right. We will resist the moral wrong. We will stand and defend every person’s life and dignity. We will shield the weak from harm. We will protect the confused from error. We will guide and enlighten the lost. We will teach, even it seems like a voice in a hostile wilderness, till the day we die, that right is right and wrong and wrong and we will not withdraw from mission of the Lord. Our call is not to be successful but to be faithful.

Our first armor is prayer. So let us pray even more.

The enclosed Prayer for the Healing of the Nation in English, Pangasinan and Tagalog must be prayed before the start of every Mass for nine days starting August 30 until September 7, 2016. We trust in the mercy of God to answer our prayers for healing when we celebrate the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In all Catholic schools in the archdiocese, this prayer must be prayed as the opening prayer for the first class period in every classroom insuring that the pupils have copies so they can pray in unison.

Believe in miracles and the power of a praying people. When we pray together, we are strong with the strength of God.

Do not give up! Hope in the Lord!

Sincerely yours,


Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan



Prayer for the Nation

Father of endless mercy, we come to you,

a people wounded and torn by issues that have divided us

into opposing, bickering, quarreling and even hating factions.

We beg you for unity; we ask for healing;

we beseech you to forgive our sins and restore to our land

the joy and the peace that you alone can give.

Teach us once more the wisdom of the Scriptures:

that the help of man is vain

and that our strength is not in princes, but in You.


We pray for the leaders of our nation. 

Let them acknowledge your sovereignty,

so that they may render due homage to your image that is in all.

Send your Spirit so that the miracle of Pentecost

by which all understood each other

may prevail over the Babel

by which our leaders slur and embarrass one another.

Let tongues of Divine fire settle on them as they did on the apostles

so that their words may be words of peace, joy, truth and love.

There is so much hatred, Father, and hatred always kills! We pray that you purge our country of crime,

particularly the heinous crimes of drug-dealing

and the endemic corruption that impoverishes our nation.

But grant us too the wisdom to recognize

that these evils have their roots in all our hearts:

in our envy, greed, avariciousness and implacable desire for even more.


But have pity too on those who have lost their lives in the present purge.

We pray for them, because all life is precious in your sight,

and no man or woman is ever so unworthy of the redemption

that your Son bought us all!

Console their families and show their children the paths of righteousness –

as you alone can judge and teach what is righteous!

Finally, we pray for your Church

that it may be true to its prophetic vocation,

for it is when times our difficult and trying that you ask your Church

to be the servant of the nation by speaking Your Word.

Let not our fear and trepidation overcome the zeal for your house

and your truth that should consume us.

We know our sins.


We our humbled by our failings.

But we are also aware that when the prophets of old

pleaded to you their sinfulness,

you commanded them anyway to proclaim what you wanted proclaimed reminding them that it was not their word

that they were to announce but yours.

Forgive our sins in the Church and make us strong in your service

so that we may continue to be salt of the earth and light of the world. Long ago, the woman of Galilee whom you chose to be the Mother of Your Son asked Juan Diego: “Am I not your mother?”

To our Mother’s prayers then, in this hour of need, we entrust ourselves.

From her we draw inspiration

to be the faithful bearers of the image of Your Son

that you called us and set us apart to be.  AMEN


Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan



Dasal para say Bansa


Ama na andi-anggan panangasi, onaasinger kamid Sika,

totoon asugat tan aboyboyak lapud nanduroman isyun akapan-kakapiga’d sikamin mansasangsangan, mankokolkol tan ingen manbobosolan.

Sikami’y onkekerew:

pankakasakey Mo kami;

paabig Mo kami!

Manpipikasi kami ya paandien Mo ray kasalanan mi tan pasimbalom ed bansa mi

so liket tan kareenan ya Sika labat so makapangiter.

Ibangat Mod sikami lamet so kakabatan na Masanton Sulat:

ya say biskeg na too et anggapoy kakanaan

tan aliwan manlapud saray prinsipi, balet ed Sika naalmo labat.


Idadasal mi ray omooley na bansa mi.

Akoen da komon so pakapanyarim,

pian niiter da so manepeg ya pamagalang ed say Inkasika ya walad amin.

Ibakim so Ispiritum pian say pakelaw na Pentecostes,

ya no akin et say balang sakey so makapantatalusan,

so komon mantalongaring ed Babel,

ya no akin et mandederalan tan manpapabaingan iray omooley mi.

Komon say dila na Madibinon apoy so ondateng ed sikara

a singa nen diad saray apostol

pian saray salita ra et magmaliw a salita na kareenan, katwaan tan panangaro.

Aman mapangasi, dakerakel so bosolan ed kapegleyan mi; bosol ya lawas mamapatey!


Ipipikasi min ekal Moy kaugsan ed bansa mi,

laut la ed saray ambebelat ya krimen nipaakar ed droga

tan say nikayat ya corruption ya mamapairap ed bansa mi.

Balet iter mod sikami met so kakabatan ya makaonineng

ya amin irayan kaugsan et manlalamot ed saray puso min amin:

diad say imon, inkaagom tan anggapoy tempey ya panaanap na mas nen say pankaukolan mi.


Kasian Mo ray naandid bilay ed sayan nagagawan pamapaandid krimen.

Ipipikasi mi ra, lapud amin a bilay et pinabpablim,

tan lapud amin so dinondon na Anak Mo!

Ligliwam iray pamilya da tan ipanengneng Mod anak da so dalan na katunongan — lapud Sika labat so okom tan makabangat no anto so matunong!


Diad kaonoran, ipikasi mi so Simbaan Mo

pian saya so matwa ed say inka-propitan tawag to,

lapud diad kairapan tan subsubok na sarayan panaon, tatawagen Moy Simbaan Mo

a magmaliw ya aripen na bansa diad panangibawag toy Salitam.

Komon, ag manunaan so takot tan pagpaga mi nen say ogagep mid say ayaman mo

tan say katwaan ya komon manposapos  ed sikami.

Aakoen mi ray kasalanan mi.


Apaabeba kami lapud saray kakulangan mi,

balet bibirbiren mi met ya nen nanpikasi ray propita

anggad wala rad kasalanan,

inganggan Mo ran mangibawag na linawam,

tan ipapanunot Mod sikara ya aliwan salita ra so ipakabat da no ingen say salitam.

Pirdonam iray kasalanan mi ya Simbaan, tan pabiskeg mo kami ed say panlinkur mid Sika pian lawas mansiasia kami ya asin tan silew na mundo.


Diad abayag lan panaon, say bii’d Galilea ya pinilim ya magmaliw ya Ina na Anak Mo

so nantepet ed si Juan Diego, “Ag ta siak so Inam?”

Diad saray dasal nen Ina sirin, ed sarayan panaon na pankakaukolan, imamatalek so dili. Ed si Ina, ya oliran tan panlalapuan na biskeg,

tinawag tan nibiig kami ya magmaliw ya matoor ya salming

na lupa na Anak Mo.




Panalangin para sa Inang Bayang

Ama ng walang hanggang awa,

dumudulog kami sa iyo,

bilang isang bayang sugatan at pinaghati-hati

ng mga isyu na bumasag sa aming mga ugnayan

at naghatid sa amin na maging magkakatunggali,

magkaaway at magkakahiwalay.

Hinihiling naming pagbuklurin mo kami,

hilumin mo kami,

kaawaan mo kami,

punan ang aming mga pagkukulang at itaguyod sa aming bayan

ang kaligayahan at kapayaan na tanging sa iyo lamang namin maasahan.

Hubugin mo kami sa karunungan ng Banal na Kasulatan

na kapag nalayo sa iyo kami’y magdarahop

at magtatagumpay kami

hindi dahil sa katatagang likas

kundi dahil sa iyong bigay na lakas.

Itinataas namin ang mga pinuno ng aming bayan.

Kilalanin nawa nila ang iyong pagka-Diyos

upang sa iyong nilikha ay maaninag ang iyong mukha.


Isugo mo ang iyong Espiritu upang manariwa ang himala ng Pentekostes

kung saan ang pang-unawa sa isa’t isa

ay nanaig sa Babel ng paninira

at pananakit ng damdamin ng kapwa.

Hayaan mong manatili sa kanila ang mga dila ng apoy

na lumilim sa mga apostoles

upang ang kanilang wika ay maging pagpapahayag ng kapayapaan,

kaligayahan, katotohanan at pag-ibig.

Ama naming mapagmahal

namamayani ang galit sa aming paligid,

galit na kumikitil ng buhay.

Pakinggan mo ang aming mga panalangin

na lipulin ang kasamaan sa aming bayan

lalo na ang karumaldumal na krimen

ng pagtutulak ng ipinagbabawal na gamot

at ang malalang kurakot na nagpapahirap sa aming bayan.

Pagkalooban mo rin kami ng mapagpakumbabang pag-amin

na lahat ng kasamaang ito ay nakaugat sa aming mga puso:

sa aming inggit, pagkagahaman, kasakiman

at hindi mapigil na pagnanais ng labis sa totoong kailangan.


Kaawaan mo ang mga pumanaw dahil sa kasalukuyang pagtugis sa kasamaan.

Ipinapanalangin namin sila dahil ang buhay ay mahalaga para sa iyo

at walang tao ang hindi kailanman karapatdapat sa pagtubos

na inihandog na iyong Anak para sa lahat.

Aluin mo ang kanilang mga pamilya

at ituro sa kanilang mga anak

ang landas ng katuwiran.

Ikaw lamang ang nakababatid at nakapagtuturo ng kabutihan.


Itinataas naming sa iyo ang Simbahan

upang mapanindigan niya ang kanyang bokasyong maging propeta

lalo na sa mga pagkakataong puno ng panganib at pagsubok.

Sa mga panahong ito’y

hinihiling mo na mapaglingkuran namin ang aming bayan

sa pamamagitan ng pagpapahayag ng iyong Salita.


Huwag mong hayaang kami’y madaig

ng aming mga takot at pangamba.

Batid namin ang aming mga kasalanan.

Wala kaming mukhang maiharap dahil sa aming mga pagkukulang.

Ngunit dumulog sa iyo ang mga propeta noong una

sa kabila ng kanilang pagkamakasalanan.

Iniatas mo sa kanila na ihatid sa mga tao ang iyong pahayag.

Ipinaalala mo sa kanila na hindi kanilang salita

kundi iyo ang ipahahayag.


Patawarin mo ang aming mga kahinaan bilang Simbahan.

Palakasin mo kami sa paglilingkod sa iyo

upang kami’y maging asin at liwanag sa daigdig.


Ang babae mula sa Galilea na iyong piniling maging Ina ng iyong Anak

ay nagtanong kay Juan Diego: “Hindi ba’t ako ang iyong Ina?”


Ngayong panahon ng pangangailangan,

lubos naming ipinagkakatiwala sa panalangin

ng aming Mahal na Ina ang aming buong sarili.

Sa kanya kami humuhugot ng lakas loob

upang maging tapat sa aming pagtawag at pagtatalaga

na maging salamin ng mukha ng iyong Anak.



Circular 2016-22: Instituting a Ministry of Mercy

August 20, 2016

Circular 2016-22

Re: Instituting a Ministry of Mercy

Dear brothers in the priestly ministry:

In obedient observance of the mandate of the Holy Father that dioceses institute programs to carry on the message of the mercy beyond this current jubilee year, we shall institutionalize a MINISTRY OF MERCY in the Archdiocese of Lingayen Dagupan whose main thrust will be threefold, namely:

1.   To promote an ongoing catechetical instructions (Basic Orientation Seminar on Mercy) among all sectors of the Church and society on the value of mercy in Christian life;

2.   To initiate concrete sustainable programs in parishes and basic ecclesial communities with regard to the spiritual and corporal works of mercy;

3.   To promote the devotion to the Divine Mercy in preparation for the World Apostolic Congress on Mercy due to be held in the Philippines this January 2017.

The Ministry of Mercy will be under the direction of the parish priest or school director on that level and will fall under the umbrella of the ONLA, our archdiocesan council of the laity.

Kindly send three interested leaders from the parish or school who are not yet involved in any parish ministry or linked to a church organization to our orientation meeting on SEPTEMBER 1, 2016 AT 2:00 pm at the Guerrero Hall in the Chancery.

Although ONLA has its own spiritual director, the Ministry of Mercy will have its particular spiritual director, Father Christian Joy Bataoil, who will insure that the programs of the Ministry of Mercy as envisioned in Misericordiae Vultus will be carried out faithfully.

Kindly discern and choose well the three lay leaders that you will send to the orientation seminar. The life of the Ministry of Mercy will depend greatly on the fervor of the pioneer ministers.

Sincerely yours,


Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan



This message is to be read in IN FULL in place of the homily for the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time,August 7, 2016, in all the churches and oratories in the Archdiocese of Lingayen Dagupan. I want to address the People of God during these trying times.


I do not have to be a bishop to say this. I do not have to be a Catholic to be disturbed by the killings that jar us every time we hear or watch or read the news.

Lay aside the bishop’s robes and the CBCP position. I am only a human being. My humanity is in grief. I am in utter disbelief. If this is just a nightmare wake me up and assure me it is not true. This is too much to swallow.

I am a human being. That is all it takes for me to stand up and say ENOUGH.  The humanity in me is hurting each time a fellow human is hurt. A portion of my humanity dies when a fellow human dies. Who can say the killed is innocent or guilty? Both the guilty and the innocent are humans. The humanity in me bleeds each time a fellow human is killed. The humanity in me cries each time I see a parent and a child grieve over loved ones killed on the sidewalk or thrown in grassy areas hogtied or masked with tape. The humanity in me grieves for fellow humans who do not mind killing criminals in the belief that their murders will lessen evil in the world. For the killer and the killed I grieve. We become less human when we kill our brethren. Every human is my brother. Every human is my sister. Everything and everyone around me is brother and sister for me.

Have we become so few who are still disturbed by the killings? Is not humanity going down to the dregs when bloodthirsty humans encourage the killers and ask for more blood? When tears are replaced by wide smiles each time a human is killed, I shake my head and ask “What has happened to humanity?” Can we still cry with those who cry? Are we no more hurt and pained by the killings that has reached hundreds now for the past two months? In our dream to wipe out drug addiction are we not becoming a “killing fields” nation?

You will tell me “Let us give the anti-drug campaign a chance”? The youth need a safe and wholesome environment without the menace of drugs. We share the dream. Spare our children and youth from the evil of drug abuse. It is a great dream for young humanity.

If drugs indeed kill, will killing the suspects remove the menace? Are we providing our children a safe haven, by teaching them by our tolerance of murders, that killing suspected criminals without fair hearing is a morally acceptable way to eradicate crime? From a generation of drug addicts shall we become a generation of street murderers? Will the do-it-yourself justice system assure us of a safer and better future?

There is a little voice of humanity in us that I believe is disturbed by the killings; but that voice of disturbed humanity is drowned out by the louder voice of revenge or silenced by the sweet privileges of political clout.

I pray that humanity be restored. I pray that decent humanity rise up to defend those who now live in fear that they will be next to be killed.

I pray that humanity be regained so that the killers may listen to the voice of conscience–that conscience that has been dulled by the sight of too much blood everywhere.

Will you kill me again and again on the social media for saying this?

At this point. I do not care. I am ready to die. I have gotten used to be being bashed and “killed” on social media. A part of me has died a hundred times in every killing I have seen these past weeks. What is another death for me? In this valley of death, I grieve. In the life after, I will rejoice. Barbarism will not have the last laugh. Reason will prevail. Humanity will win in the end.

I believe. I refuse to be forsaken in this belief. I believe in humanity.

I am your brother.


Pangasinan and Tagalog Translation of “Let Humanity in Us Speak”



Ag nakaukolan ya obispo pian ibagak ya. Ag nakaukolan ya Katoliko pian nagunigon ak ed saray pateyan ya manetenyeg ed sikatayo kada  narerengel, nababantayan odino nababasa irayan balita.

Ipireg iray kawes na obispo tan say posiyon ed CBCP. Sakey ak labat a  too. Maneermen so inkatook. Ag ak makapanisia. No saya et kogkogip, bangon yo ak tan isipan ya aliwan twa ya. Ag lay irap iyan akoen. Mairap ya akmonen.

Sakey ak a too. Saya labat so nakaukolan pian onalagey ak tan ibaga’y DUGA LA. Nasasakitan so inkatoon walad siak ed balang nasasakitan so kaparak a too. Walay kabiangan na inkatook so ompapatey no walay kaparak ya too so ompatey. Siopa so makapangibaga no siopa so inosente tan andi? Saray inosente tan makasalanan so totoo met ira. Manterter so dala na inkatook balang walay pinatey a kaparak a too.

Manterter so luway inkatook no nanengneng koy sakey ya ateng tan ogaw ya maermen ya manangis lapud say inararo et pinatey ed lansangan odino imbantak ed kadikaan ya ataker odino abalkot na tape. Maneermen ak ed saray kaparak a too ya anggapoy walad sikara so mamatey na saray kriminal lapud pananisian say ipatey dara ya so makabawas na kaugsan ed mundo. Para saray pinatey tan amatey, maneermen ak. Magmamaliw tayon aliwan peteg ya too no mamatey tayo’y kapara tayo. Balang too et agik. Amin tan balang sakey ya kaabay ko et agik ya laki tan agik ya bii.

Nagmaliw tayo la kasin pigpigaran nagogonigon ed sarayan pateyan? Agta say inkatoo so magmamaliw a singa walad kakerakera no saray violenten totoo et tatanguyoren daray pumapatey tan onkekerew niray mas dakel nin dalan onagos? No say luwa et asalatay imis balang walay toon pateyen, manpeyeng ak ya manetepet, “Anto la so agawad inkatoo tayo?” Anggapo ta lay nalilikna tayon sakit tan ermen ed saray pateyan ya sinmabid nilasus la ed sarayan apalabas a dway bulan? Ed say pilalek tayon ekalen so drug addiction, magmamaliw tayo ta lan bansan managpatey odino “kiling fields”?

Ibaga yod siak, “Itdan tayo’y pankanawnawa iyay anti-drug campaign”?  Nakaukola’y mareen tan maabig ya kaliber-liber iray kalangweran ya angapo’y panagtaktakot na droga. Mibibiang kami ed satan a  pilalek. Ilaban iray ogogaw tan kalangweran ed say kaugsan na panag-abusod droga. Baleg iyan pilalalek na inkatoo na saray kalangweran.

No twan makapatey so droga, diad say panagpatey kasi na saray suspect so makaekal na sayan pakataktakotan? Ipaparaanan tayo kasi iray anak tayo na mareen ya napanayaman, diad pangibabangat tayod sikara’y panangawat na pateyan, a say panagpatey na saray suspetsan criminal ya anggapo’y matunong tan manepeg a proceso unong ed say ley, et moral ya pamaakaran pian naandi so krimen? Manlapud generasyon a drug addict, magmaliw tayo kasin totoon managpatey ed lansangan? A sayan katunongan-unong-ed dili so mamasigurod sikatayo kasi na maabig tan andi-kaatapan ya arapen?

Walay melag a bosis na inkatoo tayo ya panisian kon napapagaan ed sarayan pateyan; balet sayan bosis na inkatotoo tayo so natatabunan na mas maksil ya bosis na panagbales odino say silensio na masasamit a pribilegio a manlalapud benben a political.

Say pikasik et say inkatoo tayo so napasimbalo. Say dasal ko et say inkatoon disente so onalagey ya mangilaban ed saray natatakot lapud paga ran sikara la so ontombok ya pateyen.

Say pikasi et say inkatoo so nabawi pian saray managpatey et ondengel irad bosis na konsiensia — konsiensian naandian lay biskeg lapud pakakanengneng toy dakerakel a dalan onaagos ya anggad iner.

Pateyen yo ak lamet kasi ya maminpiga-piga ed social media lapud sayan inbagak?

Ed sayan bekta, anggapo lay pibabalik ed saya. Sipaparaan ak ya ompatey. Gendat lad siak so mabetbet ya lalames-lamesen tan “papateyen” ed social media. Walay kabiangan ed siak so inatey lan aminlasus ed balang pateyan ya naneneng-neng ko ed saray apalabas a simba. Anto la  so kabaliksan a sakey lamet a patey ed siak? Diad sayan pasen na patey, maneermen ak. Diad bilay ya andi anggan, manliket ak. Aliwan say barbarismo so sampot ya onelek. Katunongan so mantalonggaring. Say inkatoo tayo so mantalonggaring ed sampot.

Manisia ak. Agko abuloyan ya napaolyanan tan manbokboker ed sayan pananisia. Manisia ak ed inkatoo tayo.

Siak so agi yo.





Hindi ko kailangang maging Obispo para sabihin ito. Hindi ko rin kailangang maging Katoliko upang mabahala sa mga pagpatay na laganap sa mga balitang ating nakikita at naririnig araw araw tatlong beses maghapon.

Isa isantabi na ninyo ang aking pagiging obispo at ang aking tungkulin sa CBCP. Tao akong nagpapakatao. Ang aking pagkatao ay nagluluksa. Hindi ako makapaniwala. Kung ito man ay isang bangungot, gisingin niyo ako at pakisabi sa akin na hindi totoo ang nagyayari. Sobra na! Hindi ko na kayang sikmurain.

Tao akong nagpapakatao. Ito lamang ang sandalan ko upang tumayo ako at sabihing TAMA NA. Ang aking pagiging tao ay nasasaktan sa sakit na nararamdaman ng aking kapwa. Bahagi ng aking pagkatao ay nababawasan ng buhay sa tuwing may kapwa akong namamatay. Sino ang makakapagsabi na ang pinatay ay may kasalanan o wala? Ang pinatay, may sala man o malinis ay tao pa rin. Ang aking pagkatao ay nagdurugo sa tuwing ang aking kapwa tao ay pinapatay. Ang aking pagkatao ay umiiyak sa tuwing aking nakikita ang mga magulang o anak na nagluluksa sa isang mahal sa buhay na pinaslang sa gilid ng daan o itinapon sa masukal na lugar, nakatali at ginapos ng tape ang katawan. Nagluluksa ako sapagkat may mga taong hindi nahahabag at walang habas na pumapatay sa paniniwalang nakakatulong sila sa pagpuksa ng kasamaan sa mundo. Para sa mga pinatay at pumapatay ako ay nagluluksa. Nababawasan ang ating pagka tao kapag pumapatay tayo ng ating kapwa. Bawat tao ay aking kapatid. Ang lahat ng bagay at lahat ng tao sa paligid ko ay aking kapatid. Bawat isa magkakaugnay.

Ganito na lamang ba kadalang ang nababagabag sa mga nangyayaring pagpatay? Hindi ba nalulugmok sa putik ang sangkatauhan dahil sa mga taong uhaw sa dugo at sabik sa pagpatay ng tao? Kapag ang mga luha ay napapalitan ng  malalaking ngiti tuwing may napapatay, napapailing na lamang ako at napapatanong “Ano na ang nangyayari sa pagka tao?” Kaya pa ba nating umiyak kasama ng mga humahagulgol? Hindi na ba tayo nasasaktan sa mga patayan na umabot na sa halos isanlibo sa loob lamang ng dalawang buwan? Sa atin bang pangarap na wakasan ang drug addiction, kailangan ba nating maging bansa ng killing fields?

Sasagutin ninyo ako “Bigyan natin ng pagkakataon ang krusada ng gobyerno laban sa illegal na droga”? Tama po ang mga kabataan ay nangangailangan ng ligtas at makataong kapaligiran na ligtas sa kasamaang dulot ng droga. Kasama ng lahat pangarap ko rin ito. Ilayo ang mga kabataan sa pagkakalulong at maling paggamit ng droga. Ito ay isang napakagandang pangarap para sa mga kabataang mahal natin.

Kung ang droga ay pumapatay, ang pagpatay ba sa mga pinaghihinalaang mga tao ay makakaalis sa salot na dulot nito? Nabibigyan ba natin ng ligtas na tahanan ang mga kabataan, sa pagtuturo sa kanila na tama ang pagpatay, na ang pagpaslang sa mga pinaghihinalaang criminal na hindi dumadaan sa batas ay katanggap-tanggap sa pagsugpo ng krimen at karahasan? Mula sa lipunan ng mga adik, kailangan din bang tayo ay maging lipunan ng mga mamamatay tao sa tabing daan? Ang batas ba na inilalagay sa sariling kamay ng mga tao ay makakapagbigay ng kaligtasan at maayos na kinabukasan? Tama ba ang self service justice?

May maliit na tinig sa ating pagka tao sa bawat isa sa atin na naniniwala akong nagigimbal dahil sa mga nangyayaring patayan; ngunit ang boses na ito ay nalulunod sa mas malakas na sigaw ng paghihiganti o napapatahimik ng mga matatamis na pangako at impluwensiya ng pulitika.

Dalangin ko na ang ating pagkatao ay manumbalik. Ipinagdarasal ko na ang dangal ng atig pagka tao ay maiangat na muli upang tunay na maipagtanggol ang mga taong nabubuhay ngayon sa takot na maaring sila naman ang susunod na papatayin.

Dalangin ko na maibalik ang dangal ng ating pagkatao upang ang mga mamamatay-tao ay making sa boses ng kanilang konsensya—ang konsensyang nagbubulag-bulagan at nagkukunwaring manhid na dahil sa nagkalat na dugo sa bangketa at lansangan.

Babatikusin at papatayin niyo ba ulit ako sa social media dahil sa pagsasalita kong ito?

Sa yugtong ito ng aking pagiging tao, wala na akong pakialam at hindi ninyo ako kayang takutin. Handa akong mamatay. Nasanay na ako sa mga pambabatikos, pang-aalipusta at pagpatay sa akin sa social media. Sanay na kong patayin ako. May bahagi ng aking pagkatao na ilang beses nang namatay sa bawat pagpatay na aking natunghayan sa mga nakaraang lingo. Ano pa kaya ang papatayin sa akin? Sa bansang lugmok sa patayan, ako ay nagluluksa. Sa kabilang buhay, ako ay magsasaya. Ang kawalang-budhi ay hindi mananaig. Mangingibabaw ang katwiran at katarungan. Pagkatao pa rin ang magwawagi sa katapusan.

Naniniwala ako. Hindi ako bibitiw sa aking paninindigan. Naninindigan ako sa pagkatao ng bawat tao.

Magkapatid tayo sa pagkatao.



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